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In 1992 Wegner published the revolutionary book "You Can Play Tennis in Two Hours".

From 1991 through 1995 Wegner was featured weekly on the Tennis Television Show, where he exposed the fallacies of conventional tennis teaching and the true data on how to best teach and play the game. Those break-through shows are recorded in five (5) hour long instructional videos available through this web site.

Serena, Richard, and Venus Williams

While watching those shows in the early 1990's, a Richard Williams of Los Angeles, California, decided to apply Wegner's teachings on his daughters Venus and Serena. The results were phenomenal, and even without participating in formal competition, the two youngsters quickly showed their championship qualities, securing important financial endorsements that facilitated their future careers.

The results of Wegner's system, fully documented and endorsed by top players, teaching pros, tennis directors and officials, some of which are recorded in this website, makes tennis an easy sport to learn at any age.

Wegner's approach to modern tennis teaching has truly closed the huge gap between the way tennis is conventionally taught and the way the top pros play.

Wegner's 40 instructional vignettes, both in English and in Spanish, were broadcast by ESPN International from June 1997 through September 1999 several times daily in more than 150 countries around the world, including airings during the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, US Open Golf, etc, generating over two billion impressions on television worldwide. Wegner's web-site has already had over half a million visits.

This international exposure, coupled with Wegner's seminars for the United States Tennis Association during five US Open Tennis Championships and two Intercollegiate Tennis Association coaches conventions, and the national distribution of Wegner's book in the early 90's in the United States, have revolutionized the entire field of tennis instruction.


Full contents of the videos - Click here

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