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Throw away the misconceptions that make tennis difficult!

This is the most advanced and revolutionary tennis teaching system ever

Details of top pros' games, seldom known, will dramatically improve your control, your power, your precision, and help you play more natural than ever before!

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A lot has been written about the modern forehand with its natural movements, open stance, windshield-wiper swing, and most importantly, tracking the ball and waiting before taking the racquet back. Much of this has been pioneered by Oscar Wegner, who has been teaching this method since 1968. Back then, this was very controversial, however, history has proved him right. TennisOne.com, May 2006 issue.

"Oscar: I have long acknowledged that your teaching methods are light years ahead of those for most teaching professionals in our industry. I also happen to believe that our industry has complicated the learning process for so many players that they become discouraged and leave our sport too quickly. Your ideas simplify matters, and this is crucial." Bill Mountford, Director of Tennis, USTA National Tennis Center, site of the US Open, Flushing Meadows, N.Y., July, 2005.

Oscar, My girlfriend and I purchased your videos and book about a week ago.  We finished watching the last video last night.I have been playing tennis seriously for 30 years, and I have never seen such large improvement in my game in such a short period of time.  My girlfriend has gone from a complete beginner to a legitimate hitting partner for me in only a week.  We feel your methods are nothing short of a miracle! I have taken hundreds of lessons and spent thousands of dollars on instruction in the last 30 years.  My rate of progression has always been extrememly slow.  I though I just didn't have very much "talent" and would always be stuck around the 4.5 level. I would say that within 2 days my tennis ability increased at least one full level (to 5.0).  I can't wait to see how far I can grow using your techniques. Thank you so much for transforming my game.  I would love to meet you sometime -- perhaps take a lesson or two.  As an airline pilot, I can travel easily. S incerely, Todd L

"Your system is the BEST!!! It's not only helped my game in a week but I cannot wait to teach another lesson with your techniques!!!" Laurie, tennis coach, Sarasota, Florida.

"Your videos proved to be very interesting and logical in their approach to teaching tennis. What's even more important, your concepts and ideas work. I know because I tried them. I coach Division III
women's tennis and plan to implement your methods into our program. Thanks for providing such eye opening information about the game." P.H., College coach

"Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball."
Bjorn Borg, 5 time Wimbledon Champion and 6 time French Open Champion

You'll get great results. Money back guaranteed.

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You have here a complete description
of the most important secrets of the Pros
and how to apply them to your game!
Understand how these techniques work
and easily improve every day.

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New addition: Advanced Tennis Techniques DVD!

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The ADVANCED PLAYER package....

TThese materials are very revolutionary and may shake instructions you had reinforced for years.  Therefore, even for experienced players and teachers, it is best to view them in this order: Tennis 101, Play Like the Pros, Master Strokes Vol. 1, Master Strokes Vol. 2, Ten Amazing Secrets to Tennis Success, Advanced Tennis Techniques.

5 titles in 3 DVDs (250 minutes), book (218 pages), plus the New Advanced DVD (42 minutes), ESPN Tips CD (40 tips), and Intro to the MIT Study DVD(18 min)

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Includes all levels in one complete package, so you know every basic that applies to the modern game.

These DVDs and book will take your forehand, backhand, volleys and serve to a new standard, looking like a PRO, playing like a PRO, in an EASY, NATURAL, and FAST way. In no way will it lower your game from your current level. The things that you learn are so logical and applicable that you'll progress with each detail.


Tennis 101 video: Whether you have never played, or you are a seasoned pro, these fundamentals must be in your game or you are doomed to frustration! Wegner's approach is devoid of all unnecessary and awkward requirements so often burdened upon the player by conventional tennis teaching. Tennis 101 is also very effective for those who have been playing for years; Wegner's simplicity and clarity is a liberating lesson that allows a new freedom to improve much more quickly than ever before! Anyone who is in a position to teach someone else how to play tennis should study this video! (50 minutes)

Play Like the Pros video: This exciting video will reveal the "secrets" of many of the most successful professional tennis players. Wegner examines, in slow motion detail, the stroke-making skills of many tennis greats, including Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, all time great Steffi Graf, Jennifer Capriati, and others. He then tells you how you can incorporate this insights into your own game! You will be shocked and pleased as Oscar Wegner shows you how easily you too can play like the pros! (50 minutes)

Master Strokes Volume One video: The best tennis lessons you’ll ever get! Modern, revolutionary techniques as used by the world’s best tennis players. Including: forehand, backhand, why the John McEnroe volley has been the best ever, the overhead, half-volley, the importance of waiting on the ball, footwork, the triangle on the serve, more. Each stroke or concept is addressed in detail, and demonstrated in a clear and convincing fashion. (50 minutes)

Master Strokes Volume Two video: More of the best tennis lessons you’ll ever get! Including: The importance of the "finish", serve and volley, how Jim Courier practiced topspin to get to number one, the Pete Sampras elbow movement in the forehad, the one inch volley, the magic of "touch", lifting the body on groundstrokes, Power vs. Control, the simple truth about direction. (50 minutes)

The Ten Amazing Secrets video: The myths of conventional tennis teaching are exposed in dramatic and convincing fashion. Oscar Wegner shows the modern way tp stroke the ball and to take your tennis to new heights! Daring and informative approach to confront "conventional" tennis instruction head on! Wegner discusses in length the ten concepts he finds too often to be the most damaging in tennis players at any level. He discusses each "conventional" stroke building concept in detail, and describes why this approach is not the best way; he then introduces a better way to learn! A great video for any coach or athlete who is in need of a fresh approach to how the game can be played, or anyone wanting to explore an exciting, unique and proven instructional method! (50 minutes)

New Advanced Techniques DVD: 35 quick lessons on how to play like the pros. (42 minutes).

Amazing Book: "Play Better Tennis in Two Hours" (218 pages): Do not be misled by the title of this revolutionary book, published first in 1990, in 1992, and in a new, updated version in 2004 by McGraw-Hill, thinking it is just a book for beginners. It could be easily called "Play tennis EXACTLY like the Pros", and it is causing an evolution in the world of tennis instruction. Oscar Wegner used and implemented these techniques both in Spain and in Brazil, laying the groundwork for incredible results that are still confounding the experts. He is now introducing them to the USA. These techniques also empower parent to coach their kids. They were used by Richard Williams to teach Venus and Serena, by Chan Srichaphan to coach his son Paradorn and by Vincent Spadea to teach his son Vince. The Russian Tennis Federation implemented Oscar's techniques through a translatiom of his book in the mid 90s, with great results as well.

Complimentary CD-ROM video : The 40 tennis tips on this CD are some of the most astounding tennis lessons ever shown on television, contributing to an increased interest in tennis around the world. These tips, each 30 seconds long, were broadcast daily for over two years on ESPN International, reaching hundreds of millions of viewers in 170 countries, with more than two billion worldwide impressions*. Some of the major sports during which they were aired included the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, NHL Finals, Nascar Racing, US Open Golf, World Soccer, the X Games, French Open Tennis, Australian Open, ATP Championships, etc. (*one impression is each time one person views it)

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