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Make it simple! Learn to focus on your hands, your racquet and the ball while moving instinctively, without thinking about your feet! Worrying about your feet position DESTROYS your hand-eye coordination.

Learn to track the ball, seeing it slow down and to time it properly. Racquet back early and assuming a body position are other killers of your game.

Learn to brush the ball with topspin right from the beginning.

The pros play this way. So should you! It easier than you think!


STARTER Course: one DVD with two titles - Tennis 101 and Play Like the Pros (100 minutes, 25 video lessons) - $29.95



SUPER-STARTER Package: one DVD with two titles - Tennis 101 and Play Like the Pros (100 minutes, with 25 lessons), book (218 pages with pictures and illustrations, drills, lessons) - $39.95 (Bonus: 40 ESPN Tips CD)

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Or get "Our Best Offer", which includes the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses, on 5 DVDs, Book, ESPN tips CD, $99.95

My girlfriend and I purchased your videos and book about a week ago.  We finished watching the last video last night. I have been playing tennis seriously for 30 years, and I have never seen such large improvement in my game in such a short period of time.  My girlfriend has gone from a complete beginner to a legitimate hitting partner for me in only a week.  We feel your methods are nothing short of a miracle. Sincerely, Todd L.

"Your method of simplifying the strokes and teaching beginners to "play like the pros" has benefitted hundreds of New York City school children and the teachers that train them. It's remarkable to see children rallying (hitting) back and forth 20-70 times within an hour and I love hearing from them that "tennis is easy." Sheri Slobin, Deputy Director of Programs, NY Jr. tennis League.

"(The DVDs) have opened my eyes to a whole new (and successful) way of playing the game, thank you." Mark"

I just got back from hitting with my wife and usually this is quite a chore. However, I had her watch your tapes and it is amazing how beautifully she is hitting the ball now. We had 30 ball rallies! What a joy - we laughed and really had fun together this morning." Jim

Watch the video introduction of the MIT study of Oscar Wegner's Method of Modern Tennis Teaching

Learn and apply the secrets that make the top pros so good and tennis one of the easiest sports to learn.

Get "Our Best Offer", the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses, 5 DVDs, Book, ESPN tips CD, $99.95

The Super-Starter Package contains everything you need to start playing confidently, quickly! You learn how to teach it too!

(These materials are excellent for school teachers and parents as well)

This package consists of a book and DVD, and complimentary CD-ROM, that are the perfect system to learn tennis quickly and naturally.There are many misconceptions about tennis, and they make tennis difficult. These materials blow all those misconceptions and difficulties and show you the easiest and correct way.

The DVD contains two titles with 100 minutes of lessons:

Tennis 101: Whether you have never played, or you are a seasoned pro, these fundamentals must be in your game or you are doomed to frustration! Learn the right way from the beginning! These 14 easy steps will put you on the path to fun and unlimited success. In his unique, step-by-step process, Wegner shows you how to learn tennis correctly. Wegner shares his method that allows a beginner to learn the essential skills of tennis in a manner that is most efficient and effective. This approach is devoid of all unnecessary and awkward requirements so often burdened upon the beginner. Tennis 101 is also very effective for those who have been playing for years; Wegner's simplicity and clarity is a liberating lesson that allows a new freedom to improve much more quickly than ever before! Anyone who is starting tennis or is in a position to teach someone else how to play tennis should study this video! (50 minutes)

Play Like the Pros: This exciting video will reveal the "secrets" of many of the most successful professional tennis players. Wegner examines, in slow motion detail, the stroke-making skills of many tennis greats, including Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, all time great Steffi Graf, Jennifer Capriati, and others. He then tells you how you can incorporate this insights into your own game! You will be shocked and pleased as Oscar Wegner shows you how easily you too can play like the pros! (50 minutes)

Amazing Book:

"Play Better Tennis in Two Hours" (218 pages). This revolutionary book, published anew by McGraw-Hill in 2004, like its predecesors, the 1989 and 1992 books, is causing an evolution in the world of tennis instruction. Oscar Wegner used and implemented these coaching techniques both in Spain and in Brazil, laying the groundwork for incredible results that are still confounding the experts. Oscar then went to work with ESPN International, expanding his influence to all of Latin America, and later on, with his now famous televised tennis tips, reached a world wide audience of hundreds of millons. He is now introducing them to the USA, and close to 5% of the tennis teachers have already switched to this cutting edge methodology. These techniques also empower parents to coach their kids. They were used by Richard Williams to teach Venus and Serena, by Chan Srichaphan to coach his son Paradorn and by Vincent Spadea to teach his son Vince. The Russian Tennis Federation implemented Oscar's techniques after acquiring Oscar's first book in 1989s, with great results as well.

Venus and Serena Williams, Kuerten, Srichaphan, Spadea, the Spanish Armada, the new wave of South American and Russian players, are part of a long list of players that have benefitted from Oscar's teachings. Players of all ages learn very easily this way.

"I'd like to thank you for making it easy for my students to play tennis. I teach tennis
full time at two clubs. Just the other day I had three ladies that I teach rallying back
and forth over 40 times from the baseline." Darren

Learn from the beginning to play like the top pros. The easy way to learn.

"Two weeks ago I received from you a book with videos and I can't thank you enough. I have been playing tennis for twenty years and can't remember about being more excited about the game. I'm playing twice as good as before." Charles

"After taking thousands of dollars worth of lessons, I am in a good position to evaluate the effect of your instruction tapes and the improvement is dramatic. I still have a long way to go but am enjoying tennis as never before." Diana.

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