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world map showing were oscars tennis tips were show

Oscar Wegner's tennis tips were broadcast daily for over two years on the above networks of ESPN International, generating over two billion worldwide impressions.


These videos and the book will teach you the secrets of the top pros that anyone can learn and apply to their game. 

This system of teaching was used on Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten, 2000 # 1 in the World and winner of the French Open in 1997, 2000 and 2001
, in his formative years (1982-1991),

 guga wins no.1 ranking in ATP 2000               

and used by Richard Williams, who learned it in the early 90's from Oscar's instructional segments in  the New Tennis Magazine TV Show, to teach his daughters Venus, now Wimbledon Champion,  and Serena, reigning U.S. Open Champion,

 venus wins wimbleton2001 venus williams beside world globe 2000 venus and serena williams 1999

learned and applied to teach Vincent Spadea (one of the top five Americans on the circuit) by his parents, from the time he was 6 years old,

and used by Spain's Tennis Federation coaches since 1973, bringing about a whole new generation of top players. 

Many other coaches around the world have adopted these methods, including some prominent collegiate coaches in America and the International Tennis Federation, who is using the techniques to promote tennis development worldwide.


spanish tennis starsspanish tennis stars "The Spanish Invasion!"

Wegner's quest to eradicate the fallacies and pitfalls of conventional tennis teaching started in Spain in the 1970's, pioneering the conversion of the
National Tennis School and the Tennis Federation coaches to his views of the advantages of topspin, open stance, and a natural way of playing.  To this day Spanish tennis players apply the same principles, with spectacular international results.


guga no.1 ranking guga in the air oscar with two of his top tennis stars

In the 1980's Wegner did the same work in southeastern Brazil, but this time he confined it to a program on the island of Florianopolis that produced Gustavo "Guga" Kuerten, with whom Wegner worked personally in his formative years, and some other outstanding players, like Marcio Carlsson and Marcelo Rebelo, both, like Kuerten, Brazilian National Junior Champions.

Television Show

Wegner has been called "the father of modern tennis" by Brad Holbrook, host of the New Tennis Magazine and Tennis Television shows on Prime Network (now Fox Sports). 

In weekly appearances from 1991 through 1995 as the tennis instruction editor of the show, Wegner revealed the deep abyss between the way the top pros play and how tennis is conventionally taught and fails the student. In those shows he laid out how to cure those ills and how to best approach the development of a tennis player, whether a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro. 

These incredible presentations have been published in 5 videos, each one hour long, and became the leading technical data in coaching and the foundation of a new teaching methodology, helping tennis players and tennis teachers alike to clear all the false data in the field and improve performance with astounding levels of control as well as learning speed.

Television around the World

world map showing were oscars tennis tips were show

Wegner's close to 10 continuous years of work on television reached a pinnacle of viewership, with over two billion worldwide impressions, with his 40 instructional vignettes, each 30 seconds long, which were broadcast daily on ESPN International for over two years, starting in 1997.

These vignettes have reached more than 150 countries in English and Spanish.

Formerly, Oscar was featured weekly on the Tennis Television Show, on Prime Network (now Fox Sports), from 1991 through 1995, worked with ESPN as ATP, French and Australian Open Spanish tennis commentator from 1994 through 1999, and with the Pan-American Sports Network (PSN) doing the WTA Tour and Wimbledon Latin American telecasts in 2000.

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