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Changing how Tennis is taught

"I have been coaching for the last 36 years, and dedicated the last 32 years to expose and correct the misconceptions that ruin tennis teaching and coaching."  Oscar Wegner

Oscar Wegner played the international tennis circuit from 1963 through 1967. When he started coaching in 1968, in California, he noticed the big discrepancy between the way the pros play and the way tennis is taught conventionally. He applied himself to solve it and applied the findings in Spain in the 1970ís and in Brazil in the 1980s.

The results in those two countries speak for themselves, having led an evolution that has amazed the tennis world. In the 1990s Oscar has been working to promote these changes in America, publishing a book and videos to make the data readily available to the public. Some of the conversions in the United States, where the opposition to change by the leading tennis teachers' unions is much stronger, are detailed below.

The first one was Tommy Thompson, at that time Director of Harry Hopmanís Tennis Academy in the Tampa area, Florida.

Shortly after, Dennis Van Der Meer started adopting some of the open stance-bend the arm methodology.

The Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy followed, changing the basic methods for its adult and beginners programs, although Mr. Bollettieri has been using modern coaching methodology with his very advanced players for close to twenty years, starting with Jimmy Arias.

Important conversions as of late for the United States were that of George Bacso, for over 30 years head of teaching and teacher testing for the USPTA, the largest association of tennis teachers in America, and of Nick Saviano, director of coaching for the USTA, highlighted in the November 1997 issue of Tennis Magazine.

In the college arena, top intercollegiate coaches have assisted to Oscar Wegner's seminars at the 1997 and 1998 Intercollegiate Tennis Association conventions, and are very much in agreement with the application of his modern tennis methodology.

Another example of conversion to the modern way is Joe Dinoffer, the popular clinician from On Court-Off Court, who adopted, from the time he met Oscar Wegner at the Tennis Teachers Conference in New York, quite a bit of Wegner's methodology for his presentations, successfully moving from conventional tennis teaching to the modern game.

The latest news are the adoption by the International Tennis Federation Wegner's methods for their tennis development programs in Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Although presented to the South American tennis coaches in the year 2000 ITF Coaches Convention in Rio de Janeiro as a new system, Carlos Alves, one of the premier coaches in Brazil confirmed that that is the system Wegner implanted in Florianopolis starting in 1982 and was used by Alves, with Wegner's assistance, throughout nearly two decades, culminating with the coronation of Gustavo Kuerten, who was part of that program from age 6, as the World Champion in the year 2000.

Perhaps the most astounding results of this teaching methodology is the story of Richard Williams, who got hold of it in the early 1990s from the Tennis Television Show, and, in his own words: "it made so much sense to me that I taped the shows, and adopted it right away".



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