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You can learn in our Online Tennis Academy, in Oscar's revolutionary 1992 book, videos and video tips the coaching techniques Oscar taught to coaches in Spain in the 1970s and in Brazil in the 1980s, copied by the Russians in the early 1990s, as well as by Richard Williams to teach his daughters Venus and Serena. Oscar also reached more than 150 countries through his now famous ESPN tennis tips. These teaching methods fueled the incredible boom in tennis overseas.

Online Tennis Academy, the World's first in the year 2000!  Using Flash technology, online video and Interactive Web Software, you can learn our revolutionary techniques, step by step, with text and related video clips. These lessons were created for two levels of experience: Beginner and Intermediate, while the Advanced level has been reserved to our DVDs and book.  Perfect for the Tennis Teacher, parent and students who want to learn the techniques of the top pros.  It is designed to correct past errors of out of date tennis teaching techniques, which hinder the true talents of players, and bring you to the next level. It is also ideal to teach you the modern way from day one, which is why we created this site.

So no matter where you are located in the world, thanks to website technology, we can teach you all of these amazing techniques.

*The Online Tennis Academy is on Flash software, allowing you to view all the pages in the main section, downloading them. This will help view the entire book even if you have a slow internet connection.

Online Tennis Courses

Based on his 5 one hour Videos, revolutionary Book, 40 Video Tips, Video Lessons and Video Examples of Top Pro Strokes, Oscar Wegner has developed three courses, each with a student guide: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Tennis. These are ideal for Individuals, Colleges, High Schools and Middle Schools, and easily adaptable to Elementary Schools. These courses should be used to train Physical Education teachers and tennis coaches as well.

Detailed Tennis Lessons for Beginners and Intermediate Players

As you go through the lessons there are diagrams, video tips, video lessons and stroke examples of top Pros.

Based on his best selling book and using the latest in internet video technology, you can take lessons right here and learn from the world's #1 tennis teaching Pro!


See all of Oscar's Video Tips, shown worldwide by ESPN International, and responsible for changing how tennis is taught.

Pro stroke video section has slow motion examples of top pros.

Video Lessons


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