From the Varsity Coach at The Delphian School in Oregon

I would like to say, as a coach, and having used your methods for one season only (and most of that washed out by rain) that our results were somewhat surprising, not the least because four of the kids on the team had not played tennis before ... and another 3 had only started when they joined the tennis team last year and had not played since!
In the league, we placed 5th of 8 teams with a record of 3 wins and 4 losses for the season.
Our record for the season for all matches was 6 and 8.

Here are some of the kids' season ending successes:

"I am a better tennis player, especially at my baseline rallying and serve, because of this class."

"... I improved so much soooo much on my top-spin and just my capability to play tennis! This year I felt sooo much more in control ..."

"I had a lot of fun this year and improved my game immensely. ... I'm looking forward to next year!"

"Before this season, I really hated tennis. Now I can't stand not playing tennis for two days. I really improved in my serve and rally. I love tennis!!!"

"... While I was absent a lot, I greatly improved my game with the Oscar Wegner method. ..."

"I got a lot better at tennis this year. I changed the way I played a lot so I had better form and more consistency."

" ... I improved my tennis skills. ..."

"I learned so much. Things like top-spin, slice, 'touch shoulder', serve, volley etc."

As I mentioned, this is the first year I used your methods. Last year (as in previous years) I taught the traditional way and my boys had fun
and certainly learned some things, but I was completely blown away by their enthusiasm and sincerity in giving the above data.

I know I can get a person to play tennis in two hours ... it really is quite amazing!


Ken McLeod

The Delphian School in Oregon

The Winning Team!

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