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Sample of Oscar Wegner's natural footwork teachings.

There are 3 main actions in tennis: The move, the hit, and the recovery towards the center.

The most important element of natural footwork is what you learned when you were two or three years old. The head moves first, and the feet just follow.The easiest way to start your move to your right (as in a forehand for a right-hander) is by leaning to your right. To move to your left, you would lean to your left.

You move your head to the right by taking off some weight from your right leg, and pushing with the left leg. Once your head is far enough, the weight will be on your right leg and a crossover step will be the natural sequence of your action, without losing any speed. The weight leaning to your right will move you smoothly and with much less effort than if you do your crossover step right from the beginning of your move. Leaning to the left would get you started towards your backhand, and then the crossover occurs. Federer is the perfect example of this type movement on both sides. Here he is running for a backhand.

Photograph Copyright Art Seitz

Top professional players go quite far leaning this way. It’s almost like falling purposely in the direction you want to run to to get more speed.

Why are the pros so fast? Because they run naturally. They follow the ball with their head, just like a little kid that is athletic, they get there, and they hit across the ball rather than forward, thereby starting to recover towards the center.

Use these natural moves and you’ll reach and hit the ball in perfect sync.

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You have just read a small amount of Oscar's technology on footwork. There is a lot more to know, which can be found in Oscar's DVDs and book.


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