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Sample of Oscar Wegner's teachings on the forehand.

Racquet back right away? Not quite.

The opposite, keeping the hand and racquet in front of your body as long as possible, as if going to catch the ball, and then taking a swing, will bring about a better awareness of where the ball is going to be before your racquet goes back and forth for the swing.

Tracking the ball this way, even with a short backswing, like Agassi did and Federer does, will increase not only the accuracy of your stroke, but also, eventually, as you become more and more confident and hit up and across your body rather than forward, the consistent power of your shots (a principle of physics and Martial Arts explained in Oscar's book and DVDs).

To take the racquet back right away, before knowing for sure where you are going to meet the ball, complicates the swing. You'll have to adjust your stroke during the forward part of your swing to where the contact will be, therefore disturbing a natural windshield-wiper motion. This would be the old, conventional idea of preparing early, and most likely, hitting straight through the ball and inhibiting a smooth, but powerful aceleration.

Practice this new way of waiting until you are comfortable with it. In the beginning you may think you don't have enough time to do this, or not enough power. But as you do it over and over, you'll be amazed at the results.

* * *

You have just read a small amount of Oscar's techniques on the forehand. There is a lot more to know, which can be found in Oscar's DVDs and book.

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