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Sample of Oscar Wegner's teachings on the serve

Most players would love to have more power on their serve.

Please observe that in the strongest professional serves, even the first serve has considerable ball rotation, well into 2,000 RPMN and above. So, bearing that in mind, I will give you two drills that will accomplish both: strengthening the serve and still controlling it with ball rotation.

The first drill is to go outside the court, about 30 feet away, and serve a few dozen balls over the fence, whether it is 10 or 12 ft. high, with spin.

This will develop bending and extending the arm, using the triceps as the main driving muscle. Most people have too much dependence on the rotator cuff, which is a much shorter and weaker muscle, and the source of most serve injuries.

You'll notice first, in this drill, that you don't hit up as much as you think you did. Even professionals, when doing this drill, net into the fence quite a few of their first attempts.

When you are finally consistent and comfortable hitting over the fence, go on the court and hit from the normal service position. You may need to adjust the angle of your wrist, so as to keep the forward edge of the racquet pointing to the ball and then come across to the right (for a right-hander), otherwise the ball will be too long.

Regardless of how flat you try to hit it, your serve will tend to have some spin. That is a natural consequence of the drill over the fence.

Another drill to give you more power is to go to a large field and serve a few balls as far as you can. This will develop the natural release you would have as a thrower.

Again, when you come back on the court, you'll need to adjust your wrist position as above. The combination of both drills, even if done one time each, will give you a much stronger serve.

Just be careful not to strain your arm too much nor to overdo any of these drills, hitting too many balls. Use your sense and feel on how far and how hard you can go.

* * *

You have just read a small amount of Oscar's technology on the serve. There is a lot more to know, which can be found in Oscar's DVDs and book.


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