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Learn to perfect every stroke, and the exact reasons why the top pros play this way!

Ten Amazing Secrets to Tennis Success...Tennis 101...Master Strokes Volume 1...Master Strokes Volume 2...Play Like the Pros

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From Venus and Serena Williams, to Srichaphan, Kuerten, Spadea, the Spanish Armada, the Russians, and the new South American players and coaches, they all benefitted from the Wegner system.

This includes Marat Safin, who was coached in Spain with the same system.

Oscar Wegner videos show a totally new aspect in analyzing and teaching the game. He used this approach in Spain in the 1970s and Brazil in the 1980s, changing the coaching system and laying the ground to incredible developments that helped both countries achieve great results. In the 1990s he joined Brad Holbrook on The Tennis Television Show (Prime, now Fox Sports) for four years and then moved on to ESPN International for five years, commentating tennis for Latin America, and broadcasting tennis tips worldwide, both in English and in Spanish, reaching tennis players in close to 170 countries.

Richard Williams first saw Oscar Wegner teaching on The Tennis Television Show. Richard was so convinced that this was the right way to teach, that he took Venus and Serena away from the little girls tournaments they were playing, and trained them solidly with this system. Four years later, incredibly for those not familiar with these techniques, the sisters made a smashing start on the pro tour. In 1999 he personally acknowledged and thanked Oscar for his astounding methodology.


Our most popular video! The myths of conventional tennis teaching are exposed in dramatic and convincing fashion. Oscar Wegner shows the modern way to stroke the ball and to take your tennis to new heights! Daring and informative approach to confront "conventional" tennis instruction head on! 
Wegner discusses in length the ten concepts he finds too often to be the most damaging in tennis players at any level. He discusses each "conventional" stroke building concept in detail, and describes why this approach is not the best way; he then introduces a better way to learn! 
A great video for any coach or athlete who is in need of a fresh approach to how the game can be played, or anyone wanting to explore an exciting, unique and proven instructional method! (50 minutes)

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Whether you have never played, or you are a seasoned pro, these fundamentals must be in your game or you are doomed to frustration! Learn the right way from the beginning! These 14 easy steps will put you on the path to fun and unlimited success. With this method you can teach anyone tennis! In his unique, step-by-step process, Wegner shows you how to teach tennis correctly. Wegner shares his method that allows a beginner to learn the essential skills of tennis in a manner that is most efficient and effective. Wegner's approach is devoid of all unnecessary and awkward requirements so often burdened upon the beginner. Tennis 101 is also very effective for those who have been playing for years; Wegner's simplicity and clarity is a liberating lesson that allows a new freedom to improve much more quickly than ever before! Anyone who is in a position to teach someone else how to play tennis should study this video! (50 minutes)

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The best tennis lessons you’ll ever get! Modern, revolutionary techniques as used by the world’s best tennis players. Including: forehand, backhand, why the John McEnroe volley has been the best ever, the overhead, half-volley, the importance of waiting on the ball, footwork, the triangle on the serve, more. 
Each stroke or concept is addressed in detail, and demonstrated in a clear and convincing fashion. Vol.1 (50 minutes)

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More of the best tennis lessons you’ll ever get! Including: The importance of  the "finish", serve and volley, how Jim Courier practiced topspin to get to number one, the Pete Sampras elbow movement in the forehad, the one inch volley, the magic of "touch", lifting the body on groundstrokes, Power vs. Control, the simple truth about direction. Vol.2 (50 minutes)

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This exciting video will reveal the "secrets" of many of the most successful professional tennis players. Wegner examines, in slow motion detail, the stroke-making skills of many tennis greats, including Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi, all time great Steffi Graf, Jennifer Capriati, and others. He then tells you how you can incorporate this insights into your own game! You will be shocked and pleased as Oscar Wegner shows you how easily you too can play like the pros!  (50 minutes)

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