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  Modern Tennis Methodology Academy of Coaches  
If you wish to be listed publicly on Oscar's Tennisteacher.com, this site and many others as proficient in Modern Tennis Methodology by Oscar Wegner, please click here.

Coaches are listed by region, first by USA State and then by Country and then in alphabetical order under state or country.

Director’s Note: All coaches below are certified in Modern Tennis Methodology by Oscar Wegner through a written exam as the one universal requirement demonstrating understanding of MTM and how it works in application. We do not wish to discredit anyone’s previous credentials or experience; in fact, we want your experience in helping tennis grow by simplifying and providing a roundtable of communication where we can all share as equals in helping grow this wonderful sport. Certain coaches are granted the highest status by their experience and proven track records in knowing how to teach the modern game as we will be looking for those coaches who want to be considered as Trainers and Certification Directors for higher levels to help train coaches as well as share teaching information that works in teaching Modern Tennis Methodology. As the Coaching Army grows, we will establish in writing three formal levels of Certification Benefits of being an MTM coach are many. Click here for a list of those benefits.





John Carpenter Encino, CA eztennisswing@yahoo.com 949-375-7695
Jimmy Gleason Laguna Beach, CA gleasontennis@yahoo.com 949-613-1932
Jonathan Hertlein Encino, CA tennisjon@sbcglobal.net 636-675-1737
Susan Nardi Manhattan Beach, CA suznardi@yahoo.com 310-529-4834
John Staph Costa Mesa, CA jjstaph@yahoo.com 714-585-7404
Pat Cupo Sherman Oaks, CA cupo4@sbcglobal.net 818-421-7135
John Thau San Bernadino, CA jkthau@msn.com 909-886-7306
Demian DaCosta Torrance, CA demiancabral@hotmail.com 310-617-3757
Conrad Dunn Sun City, CA conradddunn@yahoo.com 951-672-3880
Michael Black Encinitas, CA mduffyblack@yahoo.com 760-943-8231
Triniti Bhaguandas Sherman Oaks, CA trinigirll@hotmail.com 323-369-8746
Mark Dalli Westlake Village, CA mdraq@yahoo.com 818-274-9003
Stuart Bramer Agoura Hills, CA growupfit@aol.com 310-614-0022
Donald Mittica San Bernadino, CA shenoneliby@verizon.net 909-886-3117
Craig Pasqua Sunnyvale, CA pasqua@best.com 408-983-5688
Bernie Villadiego Chatsworth, CA powerofthesmile@sbcglobal.net 818-974-6748
Lynn Finnell Carmel, CA skylo@comcast.net 831-236-6780
Dave Hall Lincoln, CA diane-hall@sbcglobal.net 916-543-0536
Diane Hall Lincoln, CA diane-hall@sbcglobal.net 916-543-0536
Brian Connaughton Watsonville, CA brianconn1@sbcglobal.net 831-435-9368

Lucile Mosier, MTM Advisor, PR Executive.

Simi Valley, CA angeldetenis@aol.com 805-584-3456
Paul Dypwick Alhambra, CA pauleztennislearnright@yahoo.com 310-600-5639
Ty Metcalf Los Angeles, CA ty@latennis.com 310-663-1801


Jason Crossno Paragould, Ark jbcrossno@hotmail.com 870-476-1743
Mary Bente Sedona, AZ mbente595@yahoo.com
Fay Kelley , coach associate Flagstaff, AZ faykelley@earthlink.net 928-600-1733
John J. Barston Darien, CT jbarston@msn.com 203-912-1187
Jonathan Stein Milford, CT shamus49@yahoo.com 203-882-8538
Darren Lavallee Greenwich, CT darrenlavallee@gmail.com
Katie Tansley Milford CT katieimg@yahoo.com 203-449-6206
Randy Ardenfriend Sarasota, FL randy.ardenfriend@yahoo.com
Trey Seibold Weston, FL trey261@aol.com
Eric Carlson Fort Myers, FL bigelc@hotmail.com
Bert Bozeman Perry, GA bert_bozeman@yahoo.com 478-987-0575
Tony Gottlieb Savannah, GA tgsavannah@aol.com 912-224-0482
Ryan Cochran Collinsville, IL ryancochran112@hotmail.com 618-978-8436
Sean Patterson Edwardsville, IL burnrubber101@hotmail.com 618-301-0052
Dennis Bland Edwardsville, IL dennis@blandesign.com 618-692-1174
Robert Logan Alton, IL rlogan25@yahoo.com
Sam Dien Overland Park, KS sd8010@kc.rr.com 913-549-8374
Warner C. Offord III Kalamazoo, MI xxxgota20xx@netscape.net 269-377-6379
Richard Huffman Paw Paw, MI dadhuffma@aol.com 269-657-2863
James Murphy St. Louis, MO topspin27@sbcglobal.net 314-274-4861
Najib Nazari St. Louis, MO tennisnn@yahoo.com 314-610-5584
Rick Salas Kansas City, MO kcinet@kc.rr.com 816-729-8430
Michael K. Hall Rogersville, MO 10s4mh@msn.com 417-753-3374
Michael Collins Branson, MO No EMAIL 417-239-3777
New Hampshire
Dave Stewart Portsmouth, CA das682@hotmail.com
New Mexico
Rachel Gibson Albuquerque, NM girlonlaptop@gmail.com
New York
Jorge Barrera Aguirre Monsey, NY jorge19@mac.com 201-560-0370
Billy Ray Jackson Ossining, NY billyrayjackson@earthlink.net 914-522-9109
Paul Nielson Lima, NY nielsen1@rochester.rr.com 585-624-5562
George Muller Wilton, NY tenniswarrior61@yahoo.com 518-584-5368
North Carolina
John Mastro Jbm13@ carolina.rr.com 704-701-1177
John Strong Charlotte, NC jstrong@strongstennisacademy.com 704-430-2817
Russell Wiehe russellweihe@msn.com 615-428-1833
Katie Hueske Brenham, TX katiehueske@hotmail.com 979-836-4344
Mark T. Hildenbrand Newport News, VA mark.hildenbrand.ctr@dla.mil 757-879-2650
John Frausto Fond du Lac, WI topspintennis@yahoo.com 920-929-9150
C. Roger Grantham Stevens Point, WI crgantham@yahoo.com 480-218-4252
Puerto Rico
David Rivera Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico davidriverarivera@hotmail.com 787-638-2802
C hris Chandler Melbourne, Victoria chris@chandlertennis.com
Jasenko Palos Melbourne, Victoria picancek@msn.com
Allison Scott Sydney alison@hotshotsactionevents.com 0418-200-548
Tiago Leivas Caxias do Sul, BRAZIL tleivas@hotmail.com
Fernando Pereira Itajai, SC, BRAZIL fernandoc.pereira@yahoo.com
Predrag Simovic Belgrade, Serbia predragsim@yahoo.com


Jonathan Hertlein, MTM Pro, PTR Pro Certified. MTM Tester.

He’s been a certified USTA Official since 2001 and is PTR Certified as a coach. In 2002 and 2003, he helped direct twenty thousand kids in the largest school tennis promotion in the nation for Beginners World Tennis. In 2005, he went to work for Dwight Davis Tennis Center as an instructor where he spent teaching an entire summer under Oscar Wegner. He has worked with Oscar extensively and also attended two US Open Tennis Teaching Conferences as Oscar’s guest. He founded a free Tips 4 Tennis outreach program to get people to take a second look at tennis given MTM proves how easy it is to play well . He also teaches tennis for a private girls school in a St. Louis High School and helped the school earn a top four state finish in his two years. He lives and teaches in the St. Louis Area. Cell 636-675-1737, e mail tennisjon@sbcglobal.net


Ryan Cochran, MTM Pro Certified.
Collinsville, Illinois

While playing tennis at Collinsville High School, Cochran became frustrated with some of his coaches and began looking for different solutions to tennis instruction, which led him to Oscar Wegner. Cochran quickly rose to a higher level and almost instantly became a more consistent player, able to rally evenly with top players. He now coaches children using the EZ-Tennis method that led to his success. Cell 618-978-8436

    Najib Nazari, MTM Certified.
St. Louis, Missouri

Nazari has been studying tennis theory since 1996. When he began using the
EZ-Tennis method, he quickly discovered the speed at which his own game progressed as well as that of his students. Nazari enjoys coaching beginners as well as players who are considering turning professional. Training and professional coaching is available to players of all levels. Call him at 314-610-5584 to schedule clinics or private lessons. His email is tennisnn@yahoo.com.
  James Murphy, MTM certified.
St. Louis, Missouri

Lutheran North High School, St. Louis MO coaches both the boys and girls' teams in MTM at this private co-ed high school. School number is (314) 389-3100.
  State of California:  

Susan Nardi, MTM Pro, PTR Pro Certified. MTM Tester.
Manhattan Beach (6 miles south of LAX) and also teaches in Irvine.

If you are in L.A. area, Susan lives 6 miles south of LAX if you need a quick instant tennis fix. Coaching at every level for 23 years and considered an expert on munchkin tennis, she has written articles and speaks internationally on the subject. Accomplishments include: PTR National Tester, 2000 USPTA California High School Coach of the Year, asst women's tennis coach at Virginia Tech, head coach of the Capistrano Valley High School team making CIF quarterfinals each year, and in charge of the Junior Pee Wee Tennis program at Riviera Country Club. Susan now teaches MTM in Irvine, Ca. To sign up for group junior, adult or “Mommy, Daddy and Me” lessons in Irvine, go to the city web site at www.irvinequickreg.org. If you want a private lesson in Irvine, please contact Susan for an appointment at suznardi@yahoo.com or cell: 310-529-4834.

To Susan Nardi, MTM Pro: "By playing tennis with an open stance I have eliminated all physical pain and improved my overall efficiency on the court.  Before I used to have shoulder, lower back and right knee pain; the “turn-sideways” stance put a lot of pressure on these key body parts and joints.  Now I hit with an open-stance.  This way of playing insures that none of my body parts or joints are supporting an undue amount of stress or pressure.  This is a natural way of moving!  My energy level and efficiency on the tennis court has improved also.  Because this is a more natural way of moving I get to the ball quicker and have better balance which results in a more efficient tennis game.  Before I used to get tired, exerting so much extra energy, now tennis is fun and easy and I play better than I ever have before."  NicolaMazer,Costa Mesa, CA

    John Carpenter, MTM Pro, PTR Pro Certified. MTM Tester.
Orange County, Encino CA

John is the National Certification Director for Modern Tennis Methodology and specializes in quickly getting people to feel what it's like to hit like a pro. He guarantees instant results or you don't pay. He works for the City of Irvine Tennis Program. You may schedule privates or join his clinics by registering through the City of Irvine by calling 949-724-6610 (ask for John's clinics) or email him at eztennisswing@yahoo.com or call his cell: 949-375-7695.
  Jimmy Gleason, MTM Pro, USPTA Certified.
Laguna Beach, California

With a heart as big as the great tennis game he plays, Jimmy coaches the Laguna Beach High School girl's team during the fall season and teaches Modern Tennis Methodology full-time for a Laguna Beach program. He offers privates and clinics for all ages and levels in Laguna Beach and teaches in Encino schedule permitting. He can be reached at gleasontennis@yahoo.com or on his cell at 949-315-5813.
  Johnny Staph, MTM pro, PTR Certified.
Costa Mesa, CA

Johnny is currently the head coach for Calvary Chapel High School Varsity Boys Tennis team. His experience extends 4 years of teaching ages 11- adult. Formerly he taught for the City of Irvine as PTR certified and is now MTM certified and teaches using the ‘Wegner’ method as his foundation exclusively. He now teaches in Costa Mesa, CA. He holds private & group lessons as well as summer workshops for high school ages.

Email: jjstaph@yahoo.com
Cell: 714 585-7404
  Michael Black, MTM Pro Certified.
Encinitas, CA

Mike teaches at the beautiful Avaria Four Seasons in San Diego and is part owner of a custom made tennis racquet company, www.vantagetennis.com.

Email: mduffyblack@yahoo.com
Cell: 760-943-8231
  John Thau, PTR and MTM Certified.
San Bernadino, CA

John was visiting Dwight Davis Tennis Center in St. Louis in 2005 when he noticed a group of high school kids being taught to Play Like the Pros. John Carpenter introduced him to Oscar’s MTM whereupon Thau took it back to San Bernadino with huge success where the high school girls team he helps coach were semifinalists and finalists the last two years. He teaches at Blair Park Tennis Center and Norton Tennis Center.

Email: jkthau@msn.com
Cell: 909-815-6101
  State of Connecticut:  
  John J. Barston, Jr., MTM and USPTA Certified.
Darien, CT

He coaches the Westhill High School boys team and also finds MTM not only works for everyone but is really the only way to teach Special Olympic kids. jbarston@msn.com or 203-912-1187 for privates or clinics.
  Jonathan Stein, PTR and MTM Certified.
Milford, CT

Jon has met Oscar personally and studied much of Oscar's writings. As an avid observer of bio-mechanics, he finds,Oscar's teachings stand alone in a sea of misinformation. He teaches in New Haven/Fairfield counties and at the Eisenhower/Fowler courts. shamus49@yahoo.com or 203-882-8538

Email: shamus49@yahoo.com
Phone: 203-882-8538
  State of Florida:  
  Randy Ardenfriend, MTM Pro Certified.
Sarasota, FL

Now at Longboat Key Club (a top 50 tennis resort in Sarasota, Florida), is one of the best exponents of coaching the Wegner Method, and has coached top players when coaching at the Palisades Tennis Canter (Tennis Channel), California. Randy is the featured teaching pro on Oscar's latest DVD. Contact Randy at Longboat Key Club Pro shop: 941-387-1635.
  State of Georgia:  
  Bert Bozeman, MTM Pro certified.
Perry, GA

Teaches and coaches tennis in Middle Ga. Area.Head girls and boys tennis coach at Perry High School.Bert started studying Oscars methods in 1994 and has always and still is amazed by the results

Email: bert_bozeman@yahoo.com
Phone :478-987-0575
  Tony Gottlieb, MTM Pro, USPTA Certified.
Savannah, GA
  State of Michigan:  
  Warner C. Offord III, MTM Pro and USPTA Certified.
Kalamazoo, MI

I work at the Kalamazoo County YMCA teaching all levels and have been teaching tennis for 5 years. Upon integrating Oscar's MTM, I observed my players developing quicker. I work with players in the Southwest Michigan areas like Kalamazoo and Paw Paw. I just coached a girl's high school team to it’s school’s first tennis regional championship at Paw Paw. Just recently, I helped another teaching pro coach a boys team at Dowagiac High School to state qualfiers for the first time in school’s history.

Email: Xxgoat20xx@netscape.net
Phone: 269-377-6379
  State of Missouri:  
  Rick Salas ,MTM Pro and USPTA Certified.
Kansas City

Oscar inspires me because he was willing to go against the current: conventional tennis teachings. Controversy is many times beneficial because it forces people to fight it, follow it or be inspired and explore. I enlist myself in the explorers. Rick teaches at Northland Racquet Club in North Kansas City. Email ksalas@kc.rr.com or 816-729-8430.
  State of New Hampshire:  
  Dave Stewart, MTM Certified,
Portsmouth area, NH seacoast

Dave teaches at the Portsmouth High School courts and runs a Portsmouth South Playground middle school program. After discovering MTM, he started teaching free for the love of the game when suddenly he saw wave after wave of his “city” kids suddenly having better strokes than the “country club” kids, surprising the local high school tennis coach and turning the small high school into a state finalist last year against much larger schools. Email: das682@hotmail.com
  State of Texas:  
  Katie Hueske, MTM Certified.

Katie is proud to have trained her son for four years to win the #1 Raning in Boy's 16's South Texas Dvision. Involved with the game for 30+ years, she teaches at Time Well Spent and the Brenham's City Recreation Tennis Program. Since converting to Oscar’s MTM, she knows she will continue to raise great tennis players, both girls and boys. Email: katiehueske@hotmailcom.
  State of Wisconsin:  
  John Frausto, /MTM Pro and USPTA Certified
Fond du Lac

Co-owner and Head Pro of Center Court Tennis Club in Fond du Lac, John flew Oscar into his club for a series of clinics and immediately saw the power of MTM. His club will be the first Wisconsin "Home of Modern Tennis Methodology" and he is building a website www.topspintennis.com dedicated to MTM to keep his students and club members at the top of the Play Like the Pros learning curve.

Email: topspintennis@yahoo.com
Phone: 920-860-0751
  Country of Australia:  
  Jasenko Palos MTM Pro Certified.

MTM Pro certified, Jasenko brings 30 years of teaching. In ’94, he startled conventional coaches in Wellington New Zealand with Oscar's MTM where he he ran the popular Tennis School Plus for six years proving Everyone can play tennis in 2 hours. 2001, he moved to Australia, got his Australian certificate but continued with Oscar' methods with such success he became Head coach in one of the most popular Tennis Centres in Melbourne. He teaches in Beaumaris, Brighton, Sandrigham area and at the Bodley Street Tennis Centre. email: picancek@msn.com or ph: +6130422117088

Chris Chandler, Certified Advanced TCA, MTM Pro

Chris has been Head Pro since 1995 at Frankston Tennis Club, with 15 red clay courts, in Frankston, on the Mornington Peninsula in the southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. Visit www.chandlertennis.com to see this impressive facility Chris runs. He has coached for the legendary Harry Hopman Camp in Florida and involved in the Newcombe/Roche Tennis camps in Australia. He is a qualified ITN assessor and has just about every Australian certificate worth attaining. A top ten junior in Australia for three consecutive years, he also won the World Masters Games in 30 and 35 and over singles as well as the 2005 Australian 40 years and over Singles Championship.

Email: chris@chandlertennis.com

Alison Scott, Sydney, Australia, MTM certified
Alison reached top 100 on WTA tour which she played  from 87-92  after reaching top ten in Australia with players like Wendy Turnbull.   As a youngster, she studied tennis under Charlie Hollis who taught Rod Laver as a teenager and she loves  Oscar's simplicity as well as wishes his techniques were better known in her country.     Alison teaches at a private girl's school and gives private lessons to all level students including Ken Rosewall's granddaughter and is the Managing Director of Hotshots Action Events.  Call her at
0418-200-548 or visit her website at http://www.hotshotsactionevents.co

  Country of Brazil:  
  Tiago Leivas, MTM Pro. MTM Tester.
Caxias do Sul

Tiago has over six years experience with Modern Tennis Methodology and recently completed the Sanchez-Casal Academy course in Barcelona, Spain and has completed three ITF Brazilian Tennis Federation Courses. He is the first Brazilian MTM Certification Director to certify coaches on court in MTM. He is a Physical Education Professional at the Universidade de Caxias do Sul and a Team Elite Head Coach. He teaches in South Brazil in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, where he teaches children, juniors, and adults at Recreio da Juventude. ph: 00515499435132, email tleivas@hotmail.com.
  Country of Serbia:  
  Predrag Simovic, MTM Pro

I started with conventional teaching more than 15 years ago but turned to MTM 10 years ago. I appreciate how quickly Oscar's method helps all levels of players. It helped me make the most promising junior from Malta when I taught there from 1999-2006 and now it produces good players in Belgrade. I teach all level of players but specialize in ages 6-14 to get them to Play Like the Pros from the start like Oscar says. My program has produced ITF top ranked juniors who are nationally ranked ATP and now play future tournaments. You can contact me at cell :+381 644683076 or e-mail me at predragsim@yahoo.com