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  A beautiful story

In January, 1999, I was at the Miami Airport Marriott Hotel, at a women's satellite tournament, coaching a junior.

A fellow coach introduced me to a very tall man.

He looked at me with a great smile and said "Oscar, it is an honor to meet you. I used to watch your show, it made so much sense, I taped them and when my girls were little I had them watch them every day".

Later on, when we said goodbye, he gave me a long embrace and said "thank you so much for what you have done for tennis".

The name of the man, Richard Williams, father of Venus and Serena.

Oscar Wegner, February, 1999

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  From a 5-time Wimbledon Champion




"Oscar is a great coach. In a few days he helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball."

Bjorn Borg, Feb. 17, 1992, on preparing for his second comeback.

  From the President of the Tennis Federation of Santa Catarina, Brazil

"Oscar first came to Santa Catarina in 1982. At that time he gave clinics for teaching pros and students where he demonstrated the fundamentals of modern professional tennis - in contrast to conventional tennis teaching techniques.

With this base in place, we conducted a development program with spectacular success: within the short period of one year the tennis of Santa Catarina, hitherto practically unknown in Brazil, began to receive wide recognition and achieved excellent results in national championships, particularly in the 10, 12 and 14 year old categories.

Oscar was back with us in 1985, and again in 1988 and 1989, with our state increasingly competing for the top spots in Brazilian Junior Tennis. We even had 16 and 18 year old players from Santa Catarina in the world's (top ten) junior rankings.

The extreme success of these techniques in Santa Catarina proves their value, not only for beginners, but also for the development of top level players. (It should be noted that these methods are very easy to teach as well)."

Pedro Goulart

Note: since this letter was written in 1990, the successes of players from Santa Catarina have multiplied. Gustavo (Guga) Kuerten got to the final of the Orange Bowl, he and Marcio Carlsson won the Sunshine Cup (World Championship for Juniors) over Chile with Marcelo Rios in the final, and Guga won a Grand Slam event, the 1997 French Open title, with wins over Muster, Medvedev, Kafelnikov, and a 3 set sweep of Sergi Bruguera in the final. Furthermore, in 1999 Guga won the Montecarlo and Italian Open titles, and got to # 3 in the world, ending the year as # 5. In the year 2000 he won the French Open and the Masters Cup, with successive victories over Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi, and became # 1 and World Champion of the year 2000.

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Chairman of the U.S. Davis Cup Committee

Bob Ruzanic, a Pennsylvania tennis coach and now Chairman of the U.S. Davis Cup Committee, said: "this system is amazing, like planting 250 seeds and getting 250 trees. All of the children I teach at the summer camp keep coming back every year, all of them. They learn quickly and they love the sport".

  From a Wimbledon Finalist

"This book (Tennis in Two Hours) describes to a "T" what I felt when I was at the top of my game. It is amazing that Oscar makes it so simple to learn."

Martin Mulligan, Wimbledon finalist to Rod Laver in 1962 and three-time Italian Open winner.

  From a former Top Ten player

"Oscar's techniques are incredible. Back in 1982 he was with me (coaching) in Germany and the students called him "the American who taught tennis in two hours". Over and over, he had total beginners rallying 40, 60 balls back and forth in just two hours of instruction. He also helped the Weiden Tennis Club have an undefeated junior tennis team that year and get our main team to the Bundesliga."

Jurgen Fassbender, former #1 player in Germany and Top Ten player in the world.

  From the father of the number 4 American and number 19th in the world in 1999.

"When my children were very young and just starting to play tennis, Oscar gave them drills that were fun to do. He generated an interest and eagerness for the game so that they wanted to play more, and as a result, they became motivated to play better. Oscar's relaxed style of teaching conveys a sense of comfort and confidence to his students so that they look forward to working with him and can enjoy the consistent improvements that result from his teachings."

Vincent Spadea Sr.

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  From a Director of Tennis

"Your teaching method is logical, easily understood, and works."

Jana Hunsacker, Director of Tennis, U.S.T.A. National Tennis Center, Flushing Meadows, N.Y., the site of the U.S. Open Championships.

  From a 12 year old


"Dear Oscar, I enjoyed reading the book very much and it helped me beat my Mom for the first time."

Phil Rothberg, Philadelphia.

  From a U.S.T.A. Area Training Coach


"Oscar's method has made my students produce longer rallies and increased their level of excitement for the game. Students quickly develop a better feel for the ball and consistency."

David Glackin, coach, New York Junior Tennis League and USTA Area Training coach.

  From a Florida Teaching Pro


"During the 20 years I have taught tennis, I have researched and used many techniques and methods to make learning easier. Oscar Wegner's insights into the game and innovative techniques are a major breakthrough."

Tia Hall, Gainsville.

  From a California Teaching Pro


"Tennis in Two Hours is a remarkable book. I checked it out of the Escondido, California library expecting another run-of-the-mill catalog of strokes ant tips. You have made an impact on my strokes and the way I teach classes and private lessons!"

W. Clair Metzger, Jr., Escondido, California

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  From a Former Collegiate Player


"I have played tennis for 25 years and read (with little positive results) probably every tennis book ever written. Reading your book was a revelation - constantly while reading it I would stop and say to myself "he is absolutely right. I can just see in my mind the pros doing it that way."

Edward Weiss, former Captain of the Swathmore College tennis team.

  From a Top College Coach


"My team has won three NCAA titles and I have been named NCAA "Coach of the Year" twice. I say this only as a reference point. I was very fascinated with your work and have thought a lot about it since. I plan to use your methodology in my classes. In my pursuit of coaching excellence I was with you on many concepts and yet found many of the things you emphasized quite eye opening."

Bob Hansen, Univ. of California Santa Cruz.

  From a Florida Teaching Pro


"I've been a teaching pro for about 13 years. During that time I've come across many theories (some great and some not so great). I would usually test them in a lesson. If they work, I keep using them. Well, I've been keeping a lot of theories and material from your book and using them daily with my lessons, with great results!"

Scott Gilmore, Fort Walton Beach, Florida.

  New York Junior Tennis League


"Your method of simplifying the strokes and teaching beginners to "play like the pros" has benefitted hundreds of New York City school children and the teachers that train them. It's remarkable to see children rallying back and forth 20-70 times within an hour and I love hearing from them that "tennis is easy."

Sheri Slobin, Deputy Director of Programs.

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  Greater Miami Tennis Foundation


"On behalf of the Greater Miami Tennis Foundation, we wish to thank you for your work in the Overtown community in establishing an introductory tennis program for youngsters. Through your initiative the Overtwon Play Tennis Miami program was launched two years ago and has been well received in the community.

The six hundred children who participated in the program each year are the real beneficiaries of your efforts.

Thank you for your vision, your well developed tennis teaching methods and your hard work on behalf of the youngsters of Overtown."

Donna Fales, Executive Director.

  City of Miami


"Coach Oscar Wegner has performed a tremendous job. The (Play Tennis Miami) program has brought together the city's Police and Park Departments, the Public School System, parents and our youth in a positive character building endeavor that will have a long lasting impact in improving the quality of life of our community."

Cesar H. Odio, City Manager.

  City of Miami


"As a result (of the Play Tennis Miami program), the youth of Overtown had the opportunity to participate in an attractive sport, not previously afforded them. The youth have expressed much enthusiasm, interest and an inmense desire to stay involved in this sport. Furthermore, Mr. Wegner has ben more than supportive and elicits much encouragement and motivates the participants; for without his true dedication, commitment, and concern the program would not be such a huge success."

Donald Warshaw, Chief of Police.


  Student's letter to Tennis Magazine


"Your book review was limited by a line of thinking characterized by close-minded, "old-school" concepts. The joy and excitement of Mr. Wegner's new book lies in its clear and powerful ability to allow a player to feel a skill level and confidence that can be a long time in coming under the rules of the "old school". Old ways die hard, and revolutionists often meet with resistance. Speaking as a long-time student of the "old school", it has been indeed a wonderful gift to find this new book, new teacher, and graduate into the "new school".

Steven M. Kalisch, Williston, Vermont.


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