Tennis Tip: Natural footwork

In conventional tennis teaching the first thing taught is that you need to position your body sideways, with the feet facing the sideline, then to step into the ball as you swing. This is totally unnatural, diverts too much attention to the feet, and kills hand-eye coordination.

The best way to learn is to focus only on what the hand and the racquet are doing, letting the body and the feet move naturally, the same way you walk around the house or you run after your dog.

The idea that you have to learn tennis "positions" is preposterous, because you learned to move and balance yourself early in life, in an instinctive way, and that is what you should be applying now.

The top professionals look so natural because they move naturally, with favorite reaching and balancing moves that are instinctive, not a product of thought. They feel their balance, and the body will help the stroke as much as possible, according to the situation. Most of them learned this from the beginning. So should you, with Oscar's videos (DVDs) and book.

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