Tennis Tip: Topspin

Topspin is a natural way to get the ball in the court, especially when hitting it hard. At the professional game, because of the high speed of groundstrokes, it is a must. It is too risky to hit the ball flat and too close to the net. Even for beginners, topspin develops your game faster than a flat stroke, giving you a longer contact with the ball.

Andre Agassi, for example, is not a flat hitter, even though many times he has been described as such. Agassi hits his forehand at an average of 1,700 RPM. Andy Roddick's first serve rotates at close to 3,000 RPM. Roger Federer hits some groundstrokes with so much topspin that the ball has been known to bounce twice within a few yards. These guys are good because they started with topspin.

If you are a competition player, or just a plain beginner, topspin gives you several advantages. You cut on errors, you get more feel and control, you get confident and confuse your opponent, who has more difficulty in hitting with precision.

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