Intermediate Tennis: Revolutionary Techniques




The 4th in Oscar Wegner’s Classic “Modern Tennis” Coaching Series DVDs that changed the world of tennis. These are the videos used by the Williams sisters, and are now available in Britain for the first time. Oscar Wegner has been designated the “father of modern tennis”, and his coaching system has been adopted in Spain, Russia and South america. The latest in this incredible series from Oscar Wegner offering 35 quick lessons on the modern game. These include: ground strokes – should you stay down, the height of the ball, the sliced backhand, advice on timing, follow through and grip tightness; serve techniques – second serve toss, timing, bending the legs; volley techniques – which muscles to use, backhand muscles, timing, footwork, where to hit the ball; and finishing with some additional quick tips on overhead shots, low volley shots and drop shots. This is modern tennis at its best – simple, efficient and totally natural. If the top pros do it, so can you!

Duration: 1hr 28m
Videos: 46


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