Our History


The brainchild of Oscar Wegner, Modern Tennis Methodology (MTM) is a system of teaching tennis based on the physical characteristics of the best players’ strokes throughout the history of the sport. After decades of training countless players and coaches to discover for themselves the simplicity and effectiveness of his methodology, in 2007 Oscar was approached by a dedicated group of followers eager to forward the cause of improving the quality of tennis instruction around the world.


In December of that year Oscar and his top coaches met in Los Angeles to discuss plans for starting a coaching organization dedicated to spreading MTM around the world. From the efforts of that small, informal group a movement began to slowly but steadily grow. Largely by word of mouth and from the grassroots level of tennis instruction on private courts and in public parks or wherever coaches could deliver Oscar’s remarkable techniques the original band of aficionados has expanded to nearly 1,000 coaches in 47 countries.


As one of the forerunners in online tennis instruction, Oscar initiated tennisteacher.com as a way to enhance the learning experience of both children and adults. As his coaching organization, Modern Tennis Methodology Coaches Associaation (MTMCA) grew so did the need for a space to assist coaches in increasing the depth of their knowledge on how to apply and deliver MTM.

The Modern Tennis Methodology University (MTM-U) was, therefore, established to provide coaching instruction designed to qualify students for the MTMCA Level II Tennis Teacher, Level III Tennis Teaching Professional and MTMCA Level IV Professional Clinician/Tester certifications.

Since its inception MTMCA has increased its reach with the establishment of regional coaching centers covering the USA, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.