How Is MTM Different?

Common Tennis Misconceptions


Why is tennis considered a difficult sport to learn? Mostly because of widely taught misconceptions that cripple a player’s natural ability. Even many tennis professionals believe these misconceptions.

With MTM you will discover the myths that have held players back for decades including:

You have to react as fast as you can
Step forward into the ball
You can hit the ball harder flat than with topspin
Move to the ball with sidesteps, then turn and hit
You have to hit deep
Don’t let your body go back
Put your left foot across to hit your forehand
Hit the ball early

Ask yourself these questions:

Should children and beginners be taught the open stance?

Is the greatest driving force in the modern forehand the contraction of the biceps and pectorals?

Does power with control in modern tennis come from waiting until the last second to discharge your force?

Is the stroke used by the pros the same as that which players should initially learn but done at slow speeds?


These questions and many more are answered in the MTM-U coaching courses.