Tuition & Certification Procedures

The adage “you get what you pay for” is not necessarily applicable in the tennis instruction world! There is a wide variance in fees charged for tennis instruction and certification, both for online and in person programs.┬áMTM-U is dedicated to offering the highest quality of instruction at affordable prices. Our goal is to deliver superior data in a straightforward, reliable format to ensure an effective learning experience with optimum results.

Tuition for MTMCA Certification is composed of two parts:

  1. CoachTube pricing for MTM-U courses
  2. Independent pricing for MTM-U Certification check-out



When you register for MTM-U certification courses on CoachTube you will select the Certification Level that meets your personal goals. For example, if you plan to incorporate tennis coaching in your elementary school PE curriculum, the Level I Tennis Teacher certification will adequately prepare you. By selecting the Level I Certification Bundle you will automatically be enrolled in the courses required to complete that program of study. Tuition payment will be made directly to CoachTube when you purchase the Certification Bundle.


All MTM-U study courses have been discounted to make them easily accessible. Player courses are offered FREE of charge, while the MTM-U coach certification courses can be purchases individually or at a discounted bundle price. The Bundle is designed to offer convenience and savings. Players may also wish to purchase the bundle in order to access the additional data contained in the certification courses.

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Final Checkout Procedure

Once you have completed all required courses in the Certification Level you have chosen you will be ready to move on to the second step, i.e. the final check-out process. When you have received your CoachTube certificates of completion for all courses you will submit them to the MTM-U Certification Director who has been assigned to you. In return you will be issued a final check-out worksheet to instruct you on how to prepare for your online or in-person evaluation. You and your C.D. will then schedule your live session.

The final check-out process consists of the following:

  1. Final Essay
  2. Comparative Video Analysis
  3. Skill Demonstration
  4. Resume Review
  5. Q&A

Items 1 – 3 will be prepared and submitted in advance of your live session, which may take place on court or online. You will 1. choose from a selection of topics on which to write an essay demonstrating your ability to translate MTM principles into your own words 2. choose from a selection of online videos to analyze similarities and differences between MTM and other techniques 3. create a video presentation of yourself delivering MTM basics with a student on court* to show your ability to apply the data you have learned in the courses.

*(this step can also be done in real time during the live on court or online session)

Items 4 and 5 will be a brief review of your resume and goals and an opportunity to express any questions or comments you may have via a two-way communication with your Certification Director.

If you pass all elements of the final check-out you will then be issued your diploma and added to the New MTMCA Certified Coaches Member List on in the unlikely event that you fail to pass the check-out, you will be redirected to CoachTube with targeted instructions for restudy and re-evaluation.

Price for the Certification Check-out will depend on how it is delivered. The minimum recommended fee for a 1-hour live online session is $75.00.

On court or extended session prices are available directly from your Certification Director.

(All prices listed are in USD)