“Oscar is a great coach. He makes the most advanced techniques of the game very simple and clear, and he has helped me regain my strokes and my feel for the ball.” Bjorn Borg, 5 Wimbledons Champion and 6 French Opens, in his 1992 comeback, after stopping competing for 10 years

“Oscar Wegner is a true pioneer in the game of tennis. I have a deep respect for Oscar’s teaching and his passion to help others. My time on court with him during my professional tennis career was very valuable and many of the concepts he shared with me helped me understand my own game better. His knowledge of how the body actually works and the natural way tennis is played has helped shape my own coaching philosophies. Thanks for moving tennis forward, Oscar.”
Jeff Salzenstein, former Top 100 ATP Player

“I recommend this method to other professionals. With this method we had positive results all over the world.”Carlos Alves

“The aforementioned Oscar Wegner has written a wonderful book entitled, “Play Better Tennis In 2 Hours”. Although the claim made in this book’s title is a bit difficult to believe, I assure you that Oscar has many examples to prove its veracity. Oscar is a most unconventional tennis teacher. Some doubt his methods and insights, but I would beg to differ. In many ways, I believe Oscar was the “forerunner” with respect to the modern game. His “unorthodox” doctrine has made him an outcast of sorts. But, his devotees will certainly support that he knows what he is doing. I am one. His unorthodox methods and techniques have in major measure become a new orthodoxy! Check this out for yourself.”Ron Waite, prolific author of Turbo Tennis, coach, player and tennis photographer

“This book (Tennis in Two Hours) describes to a “T” what I felt when I was at the top of my game. It is amazing that Oscar makes it so simple to learn.”Martin Mulligan, Wimbledon finalist to Rod Laver in 1962 and three-time Italian Open winner

“I have long acknowledged that your tennis teaching methods are light years ahead of those for most teaching professionals in our industry. I also happen to believe that our industry has complicated the learning process for so many players that they become discouraged and leave our sport too quickly. Your ideas simplify matters, and this is crucial.”
Bill Mountford, National Tennis Center

“I’ve been a teaching pro for about 13 years. During that time I’ve come across many theories (some great and some not so great). I would usually test them in a lesson. If they work, I keep using them. Well, I’ve keept a lot of theories and material from your book and using them daily with my lessons, with great results!”
Scott Gilmore, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

“The MTM system, which blends in with how we are born and naturally designed will give the best results. Coaches who use MTM will use the Eye Coach and get better results than coaches with other methods.”

Lenny Schloss, All American, top 10 USA pro tour player
“Known and respected all around the world, Oscar has given us another great contribution with this book.”Guga Kuerten, 3 French Opens Champion

“I used to watch Venus and Serena practice at the Macci Academy (early 1990s). Richard Williams seemed to always be there. The Williams sisters were standing open and they were really slugging the ball like today’s modern tennis players. They hit with so much power and spin. My impression was that the Williams sisters had their own way of playing and they were not going to change their techniques to Macci’s strokes. Now, since Oscar has taught me modern tennis, I realize that the Williams sisters were playing pro style modern tennis exactly the way Oscar Wegner taught back then, and he continues to do so.”
Dr. Larry Buhrman

“Your teaching method is logical, easily understood, and works. Now I understand why Spain has so many players.”Jana Hunsacker, former Director of Tennis, U.S.T.A. National Tennis Center

“Oscar’s techniques are incredible. Back in 1982 he was with me (coaching) in Germany and the students called him “the American who taught tennis in two hours”. Over and over, he had total beginners rallying 40, 60 balls back and forth in just two hours of instruction. He also helped the Weiden Tennis Club have an undefeated junior tennis team that year and get our main team to the Bundesliga.”
Jurgen Fassbender, former #1 player in Germany and Top Ten player in the world

“My team has won three NCAA titles and I have been named NCAA “Coach of the Year” twice. I say this only as a reference point. I was very fascinated with your work and have thought a lot about it since. I plan to use your methodology in my classes. In my pursuit of coaching excellence I was with you on many concepts and yet found many of the things you emphasized quite eye opening.”
Bob Hansen, Univ. of California Santa Cruz

“Your method of simplifying the strokes and teaching beginners to “play like the pros” has benefitted hundreds of New York City school children and the teachers that train them. It’s remarkable to see children rallying back and forth 20-70 times within an hour and I love hearing from them that tennis is easy.”
Sheri Slobin, Deputy Director of Programs for the NY Jr. Tennis League

“Coaching tennis is a passion that many of us share. Many styles, and theories, have been tested and have evolved tremendously over the last few decades. However, if it wasn’t for Oscar Wegner’s influence and wisdom we would still be in the dark ages. His clear, intelligent, yet simple approach has helped thousands of tennis players unlock their true athletic potential. Additionally, Oscar has lead the way for hundreds of other coaches around the World, including myself. Proud to call him my friend!”
Hans Römer, USPTA Master Professional, PTR Professional

“Techne Tennis is a system that is not talent driven, but rather technique driven. It is a system borrowed heavily from Oscar Wegner, who is considered the father of modern tennis teaching, an instructor who believes that players of every age should use the same techniques employed by the top players in the game.
John Eagleton, 2-time All-American, ATP Pro

“The mark of a good teacher is someone who listens and evolves with the game and leads that evolution and you have that guy here today.” , introducing Oscar at the 2011 USPTA Nor Cal Annual Convention
Dick Gould, Stanford Men’s Tennis Coach, 17 NCAA Men’s Tennis Championships, 50 All-American honors


i was jus about going to give up tennis, then i came across oscar’s site and boy has it helped me immensely. i want others to know that if they listen to what oscar says. actually i noticed that the more i listened to what he had to say on those dvds the better i got. my best advice is for people to watch his dvds over and over again. A.C. YouTube

It it the best investment on tennis instruction videos that I have ever made and have always been using it for my reference whenever I need to diagnose a problem with my strokes or my students’ strokes. 1709 YouTube

Oscar, the living legend! Thank you for your splendid work. HD YouTube

Oscar is revolutionary and an innovator! C.B. CoachTube 5-10-22

Groundbreaking information! I loved the simplicity of the information. It makes teaching much easier. Very enlightening!!! M.R. CoachTube 4-11-22

Five stars Method and high quality educational courses , thank you Oscar Wegner and Lucile Bosche for this outstanding work. P.M. CoachTube 2-13-22

The only instructor who makes sense. Weekend Warrior, YouTube, January 2022

Thank you very much Professor Oscar, I still have memories of seeing you giving tennis advice on ESPN commercials in the 90’s. I recently came back to play tennis after 30 years of not playing and one of the first things that came to mind was those tips, again thank you so much for being on YouTube and being able to relearn how to play tennis partly thanks to you . Sebastián Prado, December 2021

Oscar Wegner is really an eye opener and I have learned a lot. My game is much more fluid and easier. My double partner is my first student and I can say that he finds it very interesting too. It is the beginning of a great journey. M.D. Zagreb, Croatia 10-1-20

Oscar Wegner, thank you for The Road Not Taken; taking the road less traveled by, that road has made the difference to thousands and thousands of us tennis players; and proteges like Lucile Boche who constantly help us back on your road. T.R. Facebook 7-26-20

Dear Oscar, Are you still grinding out tennis greatness?! I saw you years ago in IL and you inspired my teaching style. Thank you for that!!! D.D. Kanab, UT 7-14-20

Dear Oscar Wegner, I stumbled over your method and enjoy it very much. As a consequence, I convinced my partner to start playing tennis, too. M.S. Washington, D.C. 7-14-20

An integrated training course that deserves appreciation and praise. M.K. CoachTube 5-28-20

I was a baseball player with certain instincts-watch the ball and hit it-I started to play tennis and a friend told me to take lessons so I wouldn’t get bad habits -which I did- so my instinct was to hit mostly with an open stance-it just was very natural- my coach spend a lot of time changing my footwork and all I wanted to do was hit the ball so I’ve been playing for over forty years and discovered Oscar a few years ago-I remember thinking -where have you been all my life! M.M. Colts Neck, NJ 2-19-20

I first heard about this equasion (F=ma) when it comes to hitting a tennis ball from Oscar Wegner. I highly recommend his teachings to anyone who wants to learn tennis in a more natural way and abandon the traditional robotic and mechanical way of teaching strokes and movement. Feeltennis.net

After watching some of Oscar’s coaching videos, I admired it right away, because of the simplicity, style of teaching that can easily adapt and comprehend for all people who desires to learn tennis regardless of age. C.T., Singapore 12-11-19

I find MTM the most efficient method of teaching tennis. E.A., Lebanon 11-17-19

Oscar’s MTM is the only way! M.C., London 10-9-19

You guys are awesome. We so appreciate you coming out and spending time with us. We love MTM! Jason, Santa Clarita, CA 10-2-19

Hi Oscar, It’s funny as I have been coaching MTM style for many years without seeing any of your videos!! So when I came across your work it was very easy transition as I was doing very similar practice. I really enjoy your videos as I feel humour is important too when teaching and learning. It would be a real honour to meet you one day in person so hopefully that will happen. NJ, NZ 7-23-18

Oscar is a great coach. His method is the best and easiest way to learn tennis. Wish I would have discovered this 20 years ago. L.M. CoachTube 7-4-18

Hi Oscar. I hope you are doing well my friend. I think of you often. I so often, while teaching 60 hours a week, think about your concepts and techniques and how revolutionary they are. CB, Jupiter, FL 5-4-18

Best lessons on YouTube! ZonieDeep, YouTube April 2018

Hello Mam My daughter has started practising the volleys on the board. Believe me the day we started following Oscar Wegner’s volley method, she has improved a lot. Thanks. MW Pune, India 4-9-18

Thank you for your time and assistance during the last three years. Without this support, noway to continue and succeed. Tennis is easy through MTM. Oscar is a great man. He did a lot for tennis. I was a simple tennis teacher, now due to MTM, I talk like old coaches. More confidence explaining all details. P.G.M. Curitiba, Brazil 4-10-18

All the rest the staff are just too stuck in the past, because of that I am overloaded with students… I constantly get their students switching to me because the students realize it’s so much easier to play the MTM way. J.C. Los Angeles 4-16-18

Lucile, I was just thinking I wanted to tell you if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have rediscovered Oscar Wegner. I have a dvd of his that I got while attending the USPTA world conference in 1996. But I never tried using his methods because it was almost opposite of everything I learned from the USPTA. I always felt there was something missing in my teaching as a way of not getting the results I wanted to and as fast I wanted. I love this way of teaching and I want to continue to learn more; it’s already helped me get better results and more lessons! C.T., Los Angeles, CA 1-10-18

I’ve just purchased the package and looking forward to watching the videos over the Holidays. Many of them I’ve seen before but I love to re-watch Oscar’s videos – every time I watch them I always hear and see something new – a different word, or meaning, or interpretation, etc. A.G., England, 12-11-17

Oscar Wegner is trully a great teacher of tennis. He redeemed my over 30 years tennis journey from the precipice of leaving and taking up an easier[likely boring sport]. Currently I’ve been in Oscar’s company for about 6 years and during those short six years not only i have corrected many issues that I used to have (like consistency, volleying or serving) but i have become a champion in my age group ! ..that too not once but twice..my partners all acknowledged how much I improved and still improving. If have been where I have been please buy his book “Play better Tennis in 2 hours” or his many videos – if you are a skeptic like I was please ‘google’ Oscar Wegner “Tennis in 10 minutes”. All the best in your tennis journey! J.K. Singapore 10-16-17

Hi Oscar…I’ve e mailed you in the past, so as a dedicated disciple, to your teaching method i wanted to share an experience i had. About a week or so ago I had the chance to attend the U S Open, where my main goal was to watch the maestro himself, Roger Federer. To me he is the embodiment of your method, in all aspects of his game. Having never seen him live, and after watching him thousands of times on youtube or television, seeing him in person was for me sublime. On the practice court, he is as effortless as can be,with minimal effort to produce explosive,accurate results. Making the other pros on the other practice courts, look awkward and cumbersome. Watching him play a match, later that day,was an opportunity to notice how long he waits to make contact with the ball, under the pressure of competition, just extraordinary. I thought many times during the experience of you and your teaching methods. Not that you need validation from me, but just wanted you to know your method is perfectly exemplified in the “most ” talented player ever.. J.L. 9-11-17

Puedes mandarnos tu libro – lo esperamos con interes. Saludos. P.M July 30, 2017

Yoda of tennis. Beeastman123 YouTube July 2017

Eye opening experience.  This is the first time I heard about the key for a great top spin is wait for the ball and finishing back.  Now I have so much time.  No rush.  Much more relax.  And more importantly, it can handle any situations, especially when the ball is getting too close to the body.  Absolutely great teaching.  Thank you! JK, YouTube July 2017

Thank you, Oscar. And may I say, you’re a tennis genius. I’m a 4.0 player (former city champ, JV player on a high Division I college program 45 years ago) , 65 years old (with 2 knee replacements) and I’m changing my forehand grip after playing for 50 years with a semi continental to eastern to semi western in order to change my forehand. I’ve already gotten rid of my arm band for my occasional tennis elbow and I’m having more fun than ever playing tennis. Thank you so much. Every day I’m learning more about the game of tennis through your videos. I’ve also realized that I’ve been so consumed with mechanics that I have failed to play with feel and truly “find the ball”. I am relearning the game after 5 decades of playing. I just wish I had discovered you and your system many years ago. Respectfully and gratefully, M.B. 7-9-17

Hello Oscar, It is was absolute honor to speak with you. Thank you, thank you, for providing answers to why my body hurt playing the way I was taught, and playing better and pain-free by simply changing the manner of stroking the ball. C.B., Evansville, IN 5-18-17

Oscar Wegner is the best – literally the Yoda of tennis instruction. I recently had a private lesson with him and it was the best tennis experience in my life. He makes the game so simple yet has breakthrough modern tennis methods to help you play like the pros. D.G. 4-2-17

Bon dia Oscar, Hoy he jugado la primera vez acuerdo a tú metódo. Es increíble cómo pude jugar, enseguida! Sólo con mirando tús videos por dos dias, escuchando las entrevistas. Antes he jugado por 27 años en mi tiempo libre y finalmente, después probando muchas diferentes consejos de los “profesores” en youtube siguiendo el “old school”, fui decepcionado y no tenìa ningun placer, pensando nunca voy a jugar con exito y diversión. Pero ahora, he entrado a un nuevo mundo! Muchissimas gracias por inventar ese metódo tan facíl y genial! Pero una cosa no entiendo! Te he encontrado en youtube casi por casualidad! Soy muy feliz que ocurrio, pero a mi es incomprensible que tu metòdo tiene tán pocas miradas y es casi desconocido! Pero bueno. Hoy no pude resistir de contar a mis compañeros de tu metódo. Hoy me he mejorado tán mucho, es cómo un milagro! Un saludo cordial

Jürgen K. Busot, España 2-10-17

I have red the book . I can tell you this : This is the easiest and the most effective way to learn tennis, bravo Oskar! Pavlin M., Bulgaria 2-2-17

Hola Oscar, Tengo 28 años y empecé a jugar al tenis hace 5 años. Después de 2 años jugando empece a entrenar en un club en Francia (Toulouse). Durante estos 3 años he visto las dificultades para aprender que tenían los jugadores y desde hace 1 año no paro de buscar nuevas formas de aprendizaje. Hace 4 semanas descubrí su libro y empece a aplicar su método en las clases de mini tenis con resultados asombrosos. Javier S. October 2016

Deja a un lado esa mirada superficial y si juegas al tenis, te recomiendo que experimentes por ti mismo, lo que se expone en este vídeo. Si lo haces bien, comprobarás que el pequeño esfuerzo realizado, ha sido el mejor tiempo invertido para mejorar tu derecha que hayas hecho en tu vida. Yo lo hice y por eso hablo con conocimiento de causa. ¡Suerte! David R. March 2016

I have changed my stroke to MTM’s techniques and it worked beautifully. Got extremely consistent and accurate. If you have not tried it you won’t know what its all about. C.P.L., YouTube

Have a lesson with Oscar this week. Players would improve much faster using these techniques. MyTennisProject

My D1 program that is ranked in the top 75, I use Wagner’s teachings all the time and the players understand it and have improved tremendously because of the methods in this video.  Erik B.

I have read the book and have watched the videos and I wish I had them when I was playing tennis competitively in college. I think I would have averted the tennis burn out I experienced if I had those resources. It was because of the book and Oscar’s early videos that got me back into tennis. I feel the way they coached me back then made tennis complicated and not fun for me anymore. With MTM, it makes it easy to troubleshoot your strokes unlike the classical method. Also the MTM, makes it easier to teach new people wanting to learn the game. Grandad Hills, CA 2-28-16

After i bough oscar dvd lesson.I improved my game very much. ริงยุทธ มานิตย์ YouTube 2015

Outstanding.  Common sense.  Can’t argue this.  I learned to play tennis basically with Oscar Wegner’s system.  And I Can See that this method solves the problem that I have seen with most of my students, but at least One student needs this because I recently taught this student the old footwork method. Gotta change my teaching. B.K. YouTube 2015

Few weeks ago, I took my daughter out to a tennis court and I tried to teach her how to play using traditional way. She couldn’t hit the ball well at all the entire time. She was getting frustrated and didn’t want to play Tennis.  Today, I taught her using MTM method.  After 15-20 minutes working on some drills she started hitting the ball well and by the end of session we carried on some good rally from the service line.  As we were leaving she asked me when we can play tennis again. J.L. YouTube 8-8-15

If I was taught tennis the way Oscar teaches it when I furst started, I guarantee I would be a full rating point higher than what I am now. Oscar knows his stuff. He played on the tour during their early years. Not only that, he’s also an engineer. If any of you naysayers think differently, prove it on the court. A.J. YouTube 6-10-15

I have only had two lesson by a pro who teaches Oscar’s methods and I’m amazed at how simple it really is.  The haters will always hate, but test it for yourself. 🙂 S.F. YouTube 5-15-15

Dear Oscar, I took a class with you in Oxnard a little while back, and your books and dvds have been an immense resource and inspiration to my tennis game. M.J. 4-19-15

Oscar, my mentor, after few weeks I continue to find additional hints and truths in these videos (the serve part is so unconventional and so effective). I’m so admired by your capability to grab the key aspects of the game and omit the redundant ones. I think that each of Oscar’s suggestions is the result of years of thougths and experience beatifully resumed here. Thank you Oscar. M.R. CoachTube 4-17-15

Lucile – Thank you for a fantastic time in CA. I love the pace at which you taught me the MTM method. There is one a very important point I wish I had mentioned about this method during your interview; for me, the greatest value of this method is to prevent injury. I know, it doesn’t sound like much, but preventing injuries like hip, knee, and muscle by learning the natural way to play, makes playing tennis a life long sport. Plymouth, MI 3-26-15

Oscar Wegner the founder of Modern Tennis Tennis Methodology (MTM) has spoken the TRUTH – continue with ‘all that jazz’ about closed stance blah..blah..blah at YOUR own peril is all I can say 🙂 Oscar’s teachings is the real McCoy – the real diamond rest are wanna be carbon! My tennis life has a second lease of life thanks to him (my regrets that I didn’t find him earlier). I.V., 2-16-15

My GF played tennis in highschool. I finally beat her after getting some tips from Oscar!

Coachtube 2-11-15

Watching Oscar’s videos, in particular, really instilled his core concepts. His teaching is engaging, precise, clear, consistent, and continuously self-reinforcing. Bend, OR 2-9-15

Oscar Wegner bright bright burning beacon in the ‘darkness’ of tennis universe! I.F YouTube 01-2015

What a genius! Invincible YouTube 2014

I quess the truth hurts. The whole world is using the methods that oscar teach except the USA.

R.R. YouTube 2014

Whether you benefit from Oscar’s teaching or not, you can’t deny that Oscar Wegner is a truth teller in Tennis Arena. ShuXiong BaoYouTube 2014

Oscar talks sense. TNToncourt, YouTube 2014

Oscar single handedly revolutionized the approach to teaching tennis. All of the other countries  are using his system. The proof is in the pudding so to speak when you look at the results. For the men, -o- slams in the last 10 yrs. That’s right (0). The US; PTR, PTA, USTA, & most coaches RESUSE TO GET ON BOARD. They are just standing there with hands folded, doing it their way and sinking with the ship. Reuel R.

Oscar Wegner is the father of modern tennis. Every country he has set up programs has developed world class players. That includes South America, Germany, Spain, Russia and on and on except the US. Americans cant compete any longer with the rest of the world because the teaching methods stress hitting flat instead of topspin. This has never been so true watching them on clay or hard tru. Certain standard methods being practiced in the USA have ruined many great hopefulls. David B.

Oscar, Your technical knowledge and your pathways for mastering the game are second to none. My wife and I are better players, better teachers, better people because of Oscar Wegner. You set an example of humility and grace both on and off the court that the whole tennis industry could learn from. Thank you again for all the time you gave us both, we enjoyed every second we had with you both on and off the court. Vienna, VA 12-13-14

Hi. I live in Serbia and couch here for 8 years now in small town. I bin playing tennis from my 5 year of life. I was talented kid but when I start to train I lost it all. I never could hit ball in close stance as a kid but my coach force me to do so and so many things and i fail total as a player. MTM is something best that happened to me. And Oscar is number 1 coach of all time,my truly hero!!! If i didnt pay your instant streaming pro package I would never learn tennis in my 5 life experience 🙂 . I play better tennis today and my kids are playing way better and naturally now. Serbia 9-12-14

Hi Oscar, I went from testing your methods to using your methods this last year. Every beginner learns faster because it is easier to understand; simple. I also show them video of where they are going with the basic modern method so they simply imagine the process of getting there. Kids have fun because win or lose they can rally. I keep the volley simple also. Move to the ball. Beginners naturally volley the ball to the other side. One goal in mind. I’ve seen it build confidence even as they compete against more experienced players. When I see a kid smile I know he is hooked. Thank you for revealing these methods. Portland, OR 3-19-14

I’ve been a uspta coach for 10 years. I taught my wife how to play using oscars basic tenets…stalking the ball, open stance, and the finish. She was rallying with other 2.5 ladies after one hour of working with me. Cobra Tennis, Talk Tennis 3-16-14

I found MTM on Youtube one afternoon and it has changed our lives. I have coached Jr. Team Tennis and now I coach my daughter’s High School Team. I have only been using Oscar’s Method for a couple of months but have noticed a tremendous difference in the girl’s ground strokes. I find it easier to teach and get results. It has helped my daughter’s serve in one session. Thanks Oscar for the great insight.  3-06-14 Ocala, FL

Dear Oscar, I would just like to extend my deepest appreciation for your tennis teachings. It continues to amaze me how simple and effective they are, and ultimately how much more enjoyable they make the game of tennis. I think perhaps the most challenging part is getting ones mind to take a back seat, and allow it to believe in how effective “playing with your hands” can be. But your methods are undeniable when I see my serves kick up over my opponents head, or my forehands consistently explode off the court with heavy spin. I just have to smile at the beauty of it, and wonder why we often desire to make things so complicated. MJ 2-25-14

I have turned many people onto your site, books and videos even though I am now retired from tennis…I tell them YOU are THE best source; that you changed and simplified my way of teaching tennis even after I had been playing a lifetime. Thank you Oscar and best wishes. Sedona, AZ 2-15-14

Oscar has an uncanny way of utilizing the natural body movement to develop stroke production, not like the familiar old style of teaching that has discouraged so many to leave the game. He has helped my game and my coaching immensely! John S.

In 30 years of studying tennis, I have tried every method of learning and teaching tennis. I appreciate the USPTA and PTR coaching organizations, both of which I’ve been a member of, but I don’t know that anyone does it better when it comes to understanding how young students learn to play tennis better than Oscar Wegner. Edwardsville, IL

Hello Oscar. I will be 81 next month and still enjoy hitting balls on a regular basis. I have so many books on tennis starting with Vic Braden’s Tennis for the Future which I bought from him when he was in Duesseldorf promoting it at a tournament in the seventies that I have complicated my game to the point where I am totally confused. I have of course all of your stuff too. Too bad that I thought your way of looking at things were too simple to be any good, an attitude that was shared by many pros at clubs I have played. Now I know better. All the young kids I see nowadays do exactly what you advocate. They swing so freely and move so naturally while having tons of fun that most of my buddies, and here I include myself, are insanely jealous. Do not pay much attention to your critics, Oscar, whoever they are and keep up the good work. I wished I had fully embraced your method earlier in life.  Corvallis, OR 1-26-14

After 5 years of trying hit a modern forehand and after hiring no less than 5 tennis pros who could not explain it, I tried Oscar`s approach. Results were noticed immediately. A year later it has turned into a controlled, reliable weapon. I bought his DVD`s and they contain better explanations on every stoke than any other online or individual instruction I have tried… and I tried a lot . This is so good I don`t dare tell my opponents about it. Jhitnik, YouTube

Thanks for putting this on. You have changed my tennis game forever. I noticed the off-center hits in slo mo’ vids. I wasn’t sure if they were missing, or what. I tried it on the ball machine with awful results. So I gave it up. Then I ran into this vid, and realized my observation were correct. I now know why I initially failed. The pull the the right along with the low contact worked wonders on my FH. This vid changed my tennis life in ten minutes. Hits are harder, spin is much better. Thanks!! Stevebee92653 YouTube

I saw some of his (Oscar Wegner’s) vids. Thought it was silly but tried it anyhow, since my forehand has always been my weaker shot. Here is one of the vids I saw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxUPDHegz98 The method he describes about finding the ball and jerking the racket back over your opposite shoulder works for me and my forehand is the best it has ever been. I don’t have to think like I was doing all these years. Its just natural now and powerful but with great control. At first I was “finding the ball” and then pulling back. Now I notice that I am not pausing to find the ball, but just hitting it in a smooth pauseless shot… I know those vids seem to be controversial. I am not interested in that stuff. It works for me when many other things didnt over the years Talk Tennis by Shroud 12-21-13

most pro’s telltheir students to cross over to hit a volley…that is horrible teaching and you should be doing something else because that should not be important…it is the strike of the ball that is important…your feet have nothing to do with the ball strike…FACT…..if you think otherwise, you are just like the majority of pro’s..clueless…Oscar is the best in the business but most pro’s are to dumb to figure it out. Trub63 YouTube 2013

Wonderful to hear a coach that keeps it simple, and dont over thinks everything, unlike so many others! thanks for the tips! TomTrix99 YouTube 2013

Probably the best tennis coach in the world: Oscar Wegner (The coach that gave me the “Play like the Pro’s ” method!) D. Giles YouTube 2013

I personally after 6-7 years of poor playing, accepted this “pull across” method and now I have mutch more winners, place the balls where I want them to be, balls are mutch heavier, stronger. I even improved serve with this “across” method instead of going forward and turning. Thanks Oskar!!asustransformertf700 YouTube 2013

Greatest instruction in the world. Honestly, a revelation!! Pundit2k YouTube 2013

Dear Mr Oscar, I started going through the dvds one by one slowly,  repeatedly. My goodness, they are loaded with precious experience and knowledge. I begin to ‘see’ things happening on court that usually escape me. I have been winning a lot of my club games and people are beginning to find my shots problematic if not unreturnable at times. I started guiding my son who used to be coached two weeks ago. He too improved his game pretty fast. What the coach used to describe as “he lacks the power. “, was fixed with the idea of the whip. Same goes the weak serve – throw a hundred balls over the fence then followed by the idea of the ‘hammer’. Suddenly my boy could punch balls over the net 9 out of 10 after 30 mins of those drills. These are things his coach never could help him develop. Well,  my learning continues and each time I revisit you dvds, I pick up a fine point I took for granted or overlooked. Just want to say thank you. You are a fabulous coach.  Singapore 11-17-13

Hi, Oscar! I bought your book and dvd (original version) about 5 years ago.How I wish I would’ve been exposed to this as a child. I had some tennis talent, but felt too un-coordinated. It never occurred to me that it was conventional teaching that was causing the problem. I picked up tennis later on again, and now I’m a recreational doubles league player! With your book and dvd, I have learned a much more natural way to play. I started really bad,before the dvd, again as an adult, and now I’m approaching a USTA level 4! I love tennis and your system.  11-11-13

Hi!  I have really enjoyed your book and online streaming videos.  I have been using them for the last month with my two children and have notice less balls in the net, longer rallies and them having more of a feel and being less mechanical when hitting the ball. Poseyville, IN 11-06-13

Oscar, I am thoroughly impressed. We want a private when we are in LA.  Excellence is in simplicity, and your ideas lead to that. Just like I tell the businesses I advice, if it s not simple, its not refined, go back to work. Same applies to the sport we all love, I strongly recommend every coach watch your videos, with an open mind and watch it again, and try it and watch it again. It is pretty, pretty good.  Miami, FL 10-05-13

Oscar, I tried your method and it works. I taught it to two of my beginning students in July and they can now rally with the best players on the high school team. It’s only a matter of time before they will surpass everyone. I was high school coach of the year where we won the 2013 5A championship and I feel that if I knew this method 2 years ago when I started we would have blown everyone away a year earlier…I just wanted to let you know that your method simplifies tennis and allows students to learn faster, have more fun, and understand how to build points. Portland, OR 8-13-13

Oscar, about 6 years ago you transformed how i teach when I got your book and videos. I almost call it un-schooling – letting the new student figure out all the other parts naturally…Thanks for the great insight. San Antonio, TX 8-9-13

Hi Mr Wegner, My goodness! Although you must have been told this a million times, I still must say this to you, YOUR METHODS WORK!!! and the way you explain it, it is crystal clear. I now know what is affecting what, and I can address my issues immediately. My game improved almost instantly and I am hitting shots I visualized repeatedly because now I understand better the mechanics…You are a great teacher. I am sure you are not just good at teaching tennis. My utter respect for you Sir. Singapore 8-7-13

I have been providing tennis lessons on a part time basis and continue to use Oscar Wegner’s principles as much as possible.  I believe it gives good results and provides a very good framework for the player to develop their tennis skills – a winning approach to the game! Portland, OR 7-31-13

Dear Oscar, Thanks to your private lessons I have now won our club championship 2 years in a row.     Ridgefield, CT 6-25-13

I discovered Oscar’s book and DVD’s 6 years ago, when I was totally disenchanted with teaching tennis with the previous systems I had tried. Finally after 15 years of trying to teach tennis it all fell into place, and I have only had one lady refuse to improve with MTM in the 6 years and hundreds of students since …everyone who comes near me on a tennis court leaves with a link to the websites, and the name of the book…everyone is blown away by it’s simplicity and success. Cornwall, UK 5-26-13

Dear Oscar, Thank you for challenging the established way of thinking and providing a new way of approaching problem solving. Thank you for such an elegantly simple analysis that is so deep. I incorporate some of your techniques and students universally respond positively. Most of the shortcomings in the top echelons comes not from players, but from coaches missing the mark. If more coaches bothered studying your approach, they could be much better coaches and even better players would be competing on the tour. Milford, PA 5-25-13

Just wanted to say a great big thanks ,two years ago Julie Dybendahl by chance stopped in at our small club. She explained some of your methods and gave me your web site , I was skeptical at first as everything was the exact opposite as our current coaching. I purchased your ultimate set of DVDs and started implementing the new coaching methods in the first lesson I saw the huge improvement WOW!!! We are in Australia New South Wales in a small town of Ten thousand people we coach over 400 students every week. We always retained our clients but we  never saw the improvement I was after , I  now know why. My children are 6 ,4 and 1 and the older two are playing and more importantly enjoying the game more than ever. So thank you. We are winning around 80% of all the tournaments and in every age group around our region. Kids adults parents coaches are enjoying their tennis more than ever thanks to you!  NSW, Australia 5-16-13

Dear Oscar, It’s been many years. I’m so glad and proud of you and your perseverence to succeed with your methods. I remember the days when you would try explain your methods to deaf ears. Now look who’s smiling. Irvine, CA 5-13-13

I am a big fan of your teaching. I have your book and all the DVD’s. I used to be a victim of conventional tennis, which destroyed my interest to play. But that is when I heard about your book. Your book changed the way I played my game. I am truly grateful to you for trying to teach people the way tennis is really played.  I would like to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  May God bless you and give you a long life so that you can touch a lot of people’s hearts like the way you touched mine.  I hope to meet you someday.  India 3-2-13

Hello Oscar, Quick thank you. Been playing tennis for 44 years, but I never had gotten the power out of my forehand that I wanted. Using your methodology, my forehand is working easier and I am able to hit passing forehands at will. Great Stuff-Tks Salt Lake City UT 3-27-13

Since discovering the Oscar Wegner Method almost 10 years ago, it has totally transformed my approach to teaching tennis. In 2013, our club will have three juniors playing Division I Tennis. Thank you Oscar Wegner and your MTM Coaches for revolutionizing the way tennis should be taught around the world. USPTA Pro 1 Fond du Lac WI 2-17-13

Hello Oscar…watch the quite long video that (name removed) is showing at the bottom of this email.
Of course it is positive that other coaches – at last – are seeing how the pros are actually playing. Better late than never. But I have to smile when I see and hear the expressions and words which you have used for many years – now as if this is the latest news. Geneva, Switzerland 2-11-13

Oscar thanks for all your help, you are light years ahead of everyone else. Coach/Parent NC 1-14-13

All I can say is that being a USPTA pro since 1980 I have seen a lot of “Modern Tennis” instructors and lessons plans. All and all, Oscar Wegner has it right….I have personally seen Oscar demonstrate his skills and even at age 73 the guy could volley better then most ATP pros. Talk Tennis 1-2-13

I only picked up tennis in Mid 2009 and was basically going nowhere and sometime last year, I bought Oscar’s Book from Amazon.com and discovered that simply by finding the ball by stalking it, my game just went to the next level. My usual weekend opponents was pretty amazed at my almost instant improvement of my return of serve. I eventually bought his DVDs and am now coaching my 2 daughters based mainly on his methods. Malaysia 1-2-13

Oscar, I think where ever you go, you will impact lives in such a positive way. I still use your techniques and credit you every single time. You have many many fans. USPTA & PTR Teaching Pro, National USTA Trainer, National Special Olympics Coach, Prize-winning Author So Cal 1-2-13

I have done a lot of researches on the internet, I quickly realised that what you offer was the best product on the market to teach tennis to young children. Since then, I have bought your Ultimate 10 DVD Collection from your internet site and with your generous help, I could even have access to your book Tennis in 2 Hours. I have tryed to apply sistematically your advices with my daughter and she has done tremendous progress right from the begining. I can even say that she has already a better control of the balls than most players, much older than her, which is amazing! Eastern Canada 12-29-12

I read your book and must say that after 25 years of coaching, the simplicity of your method has stunned me. It has invigorated my coaching practice and I would love to learn about it as I am working mainly with juniors 10-16 years of age and on regional to national performance level. Queensland, Australia 12-27-12

Oscar, Your method of teaching is excellent, and the videos illustrate the contrast of methods very clearly. I am going practice and stay with your system. I have been playing “conventionally” for sixty years, and today I was hitting with more pace and less effort than ever using your tips. Thank you for your instruction. Essex Junction, VT 12-18-12

Estoy teniendo resultados INCREIBLES con tu metodo. No solo a nivel personal si no a nivel profesional tambien. “Me cambiaste la vida” me dijo un alumno la semana pasada. Es muy gratificante. Me interesaria ser un coach de tu firma. I. Ambort Buenos Aires, Argentina 12-10-12

I decided to do a lot of researches on the internet, and after I carefully took a good look at what was available, I thought you were offering by far, what was the best product on the market for teaching tennis to kids. Your opened mind and willingness to teach tennis, in an inconventionnel way, combine to your explanations of the style of the different pro tennis players, brougt lights to a lot of questions I had for years about what was the right technicque. Until I could received your DVD package, I took a look of the videos you already offer on your internet site and I try to apply this to my daughter with instant and amazing result! Quebec, Canada 10-22-12

Hi Oscar, I like your teaching ideas and way of coaching. I am a Head Pro and have a junior program that occupies some 40-50 children. I have a Pro that teaches for me and he is stuck on conventional teaching instruction. Stepping in, early preparation and getting raq back early and the like (there are many Pros that still teach like this). In particular, stepping into the ball. Anyway, I was brought up in his way and understand this point of view and its shortcomings. I have explained to him importance and concept of feeling like an athlete, tracking, waiting etc. I am a bit frustrated and can only empathize with the frustration you must have experienced for many years. It seems that your way has become more accepted and ask for advice in handling such situations. Thanks. Naples, FL 09-29-12

Dearest Oscar, my son played #1 boys from Southern & Northern California, & #1 boy from Intermountain sections in San Diego last weekend & beat them all in a USTA tournament. Your little student won with class. You would be proud of him. Portland, OR 09-28-12

I am now 57 and playing the best tennis of my life with the MTM. I am doing a lot of the dictating on court now. Running less, moving my opponent all over the place, and feeling less tired. With the MTM, I fear no one now. Sure, a 5.0 and up will beat me, but I am so consistent now, I still give them a great match. Could not do that 6 months ago. guitarplayer on Talk Tennis 08-28-12

I am living this now as a tennis parent. I have a 16-yo daughter that plays on the HS team. Her coach is as old-school as they get and she is a flat hitter with completely linear groundstrokes. What has become apparent after about 10 USTA tournaments is that her very consistent groundstrokes start to break down whenever she plays someone that hits with some spin and can move her around. At every tournament, the successful juniors are hitting a modern forehand, open stance, finish across the body, etc. Even the 10 & 12 year olds. They have good topspin and a huge margin for error. They are spinning the ball in within an 8-foot window and she is hitting hard trying stay within a 3′ foot window over the net. In addition, the opponents love her hard flat strokes. She is trying to learn to deal with the higher bouncing topspin shots of her opponents. I could go on about the situation but I think you get the picture.

monomer on Talk Tennis 08-22-12

You have changed my tennis game forever. I noticed the off-center hits in slo mo’ vids.I wasn’t sure if they were missing, or what. I tried it on the ball machine with awful results. So I gave it up. Then I ran into this vid, and realized my observation were correct. I now know why I initially failed. The pull the the right along with the low contact worked wonders on my FH. This vid changed my tennis life in ten minutes. Hits are harder, spin is much better. Thanks!! stevebee92653 on YouTube 07-12

Coming to the USA & working with Oscar has changed my life! I have the game that has many levels & people are getting scared of playing me 🙂  Brisbane, Australia 06-04-12

After Oscar, I have never taken a single lesson again, because no other coach in LA is better than him.

Studio City, CA 05-17-12

I used to play a lot of tennis as a junior and loved the game but hadn’t picked up a racket in 45 years. This past winter I spent 5 months in South Africa on vacation visiting family. I had lots of time on my hands and picked up the racket again. I took several lessons to learn about the top spin game. It was tough – foot work, back swing, etc, etc. Although I picked it up and played reasonably well, I felt like a klutz a great deal of the time.  I spent a great deal of time on the web watching videos trying to improve my game. THEN I stumbled on one of your videos. A month ago I ordered your book & all of the DVDs. They arrived early last week and …. WOW!!! After watching the DVDs (a couple of them several times) I went out and played the best tennis of my life. It\’s so simple – find it, feel it, finish it – no focus on the mechanics and footwork. At 62 I feel like I’m playing like a teenager. I can’t wait to get out on the court and practice those 3 F’s.  Thanks so much.  Ontario, Canada 05-15-12

I am a tennis australian qualified coach and psychologist, and I have just been looking at you videos over the last week and I really like them. When I was younger i used to be in a full time elite squad, the one pat rafter was in and really enjoyed it…Thanks for taking the time for tennis players.  Wish i saw it when i was younger. Newcastle NSW, Australia, 05-02-12

I wish I had a coach like Oscar as a junior, could have reached much more then.

YouTube pr4nk5tr  04-12

Oscar, I’ve received the dvds, thank you very much.  My son is 13, I teach him with your new way to play, it was incredible,in an hour, he hits the ball like never!!!  Many thanks, we have now to work with your advices in this dvds.  Lorient, France 04-07-12

I enjoyed my lesson tremendously! I felt like I had known Oscar for years! Tonight I played a friendly match and I won 6-2 6-2 in 1 hour! Never before have I had a result like this!  I just kept thinking about everything Oscar said and I felt so much calmer and relaxed on the court.  I felt like I was really in control of the match the entire time, with plenty of time to hit each ball. And my serve was working great!

Palm Desert 03-10-12

No one better than Oscar. I’ve even trained with several former top ATP 50 players, yet no one brought me further, faster, or with more confidence.  Gracias, Maestro.  Palm Springs, CA 03-06-12

Es tan simple…..pero cierto, esta manera de jugar al tenis te hace olvidar de todo y jugar la bola tal como si no tuvieras raqueta solo tu mano y tu vista…increible pero cierto hay que regresar a lo elemental pero mas importante.  YouTube FABIOGONZA70 01-12

It is amazing how far ive actually gotten in tennis from oscars dvds. true story, 4 yrs ago, i was jus about going to give up tennis, then i came across oscar’s site and boy has it helped me immensely. i want others to know that if they listen to what oscar says. actually i noticed that the more i listened to what he had to say on those dvds the better i got. my best advice is for people to watch his dvds over and over again. A.C. YouTube 2012

Hello Oscar,  Just a quick word to say that if I had not tried it myself I would not believe it!  Yesterday I received your Tennis Into The Future series ..and saw the coaching modern strokes dvd. Today I went out with my ball machine and tried my FH..wow.. I have worked so hard and I can’t believe how the track the ball with the hand, changed the power of my stroke dramatically (like you explain in the video). I am very grateful as your instruction is really simple and efficient and it seems from the power I got biomechanically sound (going across the ball..wow). Thank you so much. Algarve, Portugal 12-26-11

I was able to demonstrate via the Wegner method a couple of things that I have had difficulty in getting through to her in the past. After an hour and a half there was visual improvement on both sides…it was remarkable actually! She made a modification to her forehand and her backhand that I found quite profound. don_budge TalkTennis 11-03-11

I was playing with a man the other day that had a very powerful tricky “top spin”.  I told him his top-spin stroke reminded me of some of the Youtube videos I just watched.   He asked me which ones? I told him, “Oscar Wegner’s Modern Tennis YouTube Videos”. He smiled from ear to ear and told me that he had taken lessons for 20 years including while in Hong Kong & Taiwan.  He said his wife bought him “Learn Tennis in 2 Hours” two years ago and he wishes he had it earlier in place of his 20 years of lessons.  NY 10-18-11

Hi Oscar I used your methods off the DVD to win the World Masters Games Over 35’s Mens Single in Sydney in October 2009. Then went on to win the State Championship Over 35’s. I am interested in learning to coach like you and pass on the knowledge to my kids age 5 and 3. Sydney, Australia 08-27-11

Just a short note to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful lessons. If anything, at least I am experiencing no pain in my elbow and that is a major plus for me. Played tonight and made a lot of nice deep shots with my improved forehand. Funny thing but as I was playing my game, a beginner was taking lessons with the local pro on the adjacent court. I could hear the pro yelling out instructions like – “Bring the racquet back” and “turn sideways”. It took all of my will for me not to go over there and start screaming at the pro that he was making this all too complicated.  My wife asked me if the Oscar we saw on the DVD’s was the same in person. An interesting question and I was happy to tell her that they were in fact the same.  Although I am not a famous or rich person, I felt like I was treated like one. Connecticut 08-23-11

Durante los pasados años he puesto en práctica este método y doy fe de lo efectivo que es. En muy poco tiempo, comparado con los otros métodos, los niños aprenden rápidamente. Se lo recomiendo a todo padre que desee ver a su hijo progresar rápidamente.    Elbaburgos YouTube 06-28-11

I have found your approach to the game very rational and logical, so I have been able to make a lot of progress since being introduced to your methods. Thank you! I can now play well enough on club social days to keep up with players with 10+ years experience. Of course, I have more to learn – but I am not embarrassing myself, and I am scoring. A direct testament to the effectiveness of your modern tennis instructions.  Burton-Upon-Trent UK 06-08-11

I love what you have accomplished with your style of  teaching. It has helped my experience in tennis. Over the years fellow  player have given me tips to show me the correct way and I just listen  with a slightly deaf ear and nod, but when i get home I look over your  books or dvds and enjoy the process of learning so I can apply it next  time. Thanks.  Mayfield, OH 05-23-11

I am a tennis instructor – licensed in both USPTA and PTR. I have played for years competitively in high school and college. However, the more I read and watch videos of your instruction methodology, the more interest I have. It is simple. It is valid. It is a wonderful method of instruction and I wish to be part of your “team”.  Tallahassee, FL  05-08-11

I’m a Tennis Pro at a Club in Beverly Hills.  I typically have about 25-35 private lessons a week at the club. The result’s of using your method have been one of the most inspiring changes in my life. For me personally. The confidence I now have as an instructor and as a player and privately as a person has been profound and I am inspirational. Finally, I am truly feeling like I can change peoples lives on the tennis court and give them the same type of confidence I have when I hit a ball or am just walking down the street.  I only wish I would have heard of you years ago. Thank you so much Oscar!!

Beverly Hills, CA 05-08-11

Dear Mr. Wegner, I am fourteen years old and have been excelling using your techniques. Most importantly I can see your techniques mirrored in top pros. I am very thankful for all that you have done for me and my game.    Palo Heights, IL 04-22-11

I have been playing for 22 years.  I am a consistent 4.5 and I played in college.   I am a parent teaching my kids (2 and 4) and my wife to play.  Your method has been tremendous for getting them off to a quick start.  It’s also improved my game considerably.  It makes a bit sad to think of how well I could have been playing all these years had I heard of your method sooner!  Thanks so much.  You’re an inspiration.  I believe every art has one teaching master that makes learning that art simple.  All the other teachers make the art form complex by comparison.  You are it for tennis.

Philadelphia, PA   04-20-11

Just a note to say that I really enjoy your writing and tennis tips.  I find them to be profoundly analytical and perceptive.  Raleigh, NC 04-20-11

I think Oscar is the greatest tennis genius of all times. He has given much more to tennis than he could ever possibly get back. He is as courageous as he is brilliant. He not only thoroughly understands the game and explains everything we need to know, but he has the talent to demonstrate with a racket and a ball. He is the real deal, a model for all tennis pros to aspire to.   Palm Beach, FL 04-13-11

I want to thank you for your enlightening teaching which has greatly improved my enjoyment of tennis. I play regular recreational tennis and your teachings have helped me perform well against friends 10 years younger! Most of all though I enjoy playing more in the moment with more ease. I did the martial art Aikido for 5 years so I really relate to some of your process instructions like ‘caressing’ the ball, not over preparing etc. One of the great revelations is how long you can actually track the ball. I have a lot to learn but your teachings are a form of tennis aikido for me which is a great pleasure.  Tim 03-29-11

Your voice is very familiar to me from some previous VCR tapes I ordered several years ago. I introduced them to the Pro at my club in Florida; he was fascinated with your teaching, started using it with his students and has had great results. He is an enthusiastic fan of yours and so am I!

Florida 03-29-11

I’m 44 and I’ve been playing for a few months and had a few lessons with “old school” pros.  This past week I’ve read your book, watched the free videos on your site, and read everything that I could find about your method on the web.  The results were IMMEDIATE!  One night this week I played a 24-year old opponent who spent his life playing tennis but for a brief hiatus during college.  His parents play, his brother is on a college tennis scholarship, they string their own racquets, and he hits serves and forehands with wicked spin.  After reading your materials and experimenting with your techniques with a hitting buddy earlier this week I beat my younger opponent comfortably 6-1, 6-1.    Atlanta 03-25-11

After 22 years playing tennis, I am finally playing the way I have always wanted to play because of your method.  I more consistent, I am spinning in my serves, I am finally overcoming my knee problem because your method is easier on my body, and I am pushing the ball in, with power and tremendous control.  For someone who has been hitting through 5 balls his whole life, your method is a revelation.  Thank you!  Facebook 03-14-11

Oscars last 2 dvds are tremendous.  I cant stop watching them.  They have really helped my teaching and after 34 yrs. of playing i’ve never come close to being so confident in my volley.

Perry, GA  02-19-11

I bought your DVDs 3 years ago and have always been using it for my reference whenever I need to diagnose a problem with my strokes or my students’ strokes. It it the best investment on tennis instructions videos that I have ever made. This video ROCKS! YouTube 2011

I think your videos and book are wonderful and I agree with everything you teach.  I just have one question.  Why are the Williams sisters not giving you credit for their success?  It is clear that they use your techniques.  I can only imagine the that the reason they do not, is because they fear competition it would create.  It is a shame because the tennis in the United States would be greatly improved if they or other tour professionals gave you credit on TV.  Anyway, thank you again for fixing my tennis game.  Keep up the great work!     12-09-10

It’s so exhilarating to play because I feel so free due to your methods. My son is also playing pro futures at 16 due to your methods you taught us.  Thank you Coach for changing my life for the better and God Bless You!  Clearwater, FL 11-30-10

You saw where the pro game was going before anyone did. Your teaching techniques were so brave in the day and are now widely accepted.  Facebook 08-10-10

Dear Mr. Wegner, I am a mother of a 12 yo. girl who plays tennis. Recently I have been searching the Internet and accidentally came across your site and purchased all of your DVDs and the book. I am absolutely amazed how easy you method is and how it simplifies the game of tennis.  Over a year ago my daughter trained with a coach who was so hard and abusive, forcing her against her nature, to do everything you say not to!  She would get off the court crying, the fact that she didn’t stop playing tennis all together is a miracle!  You should see her face when watching your DVDs!  Eyes and mouth wide open in disbelief looking at me, the TV screen, me … screen …. you get the idea,  saying : “thank you! thank you! thank you! ”  Now she loves being on the court’s again, have sparkle in her eye when playing and found new love for tennis.  SF, CA   05-19-10

Wow! Is all I can say about the awesomeness of the MTM way! Wholly cow kingfish, you were not kidding! This really works and is making a huge difference already in my player’s performance and state of mind! I have been studying diligently for days and am really looking forward to fully understanding the system and becoming certified!  Scottsdale, AZ 05-04-10

About two years ago I was going blind with cataracts and believe it or not I was worried how I was going to play tennis. I came across you web site talking about waiting for the bounce and windshield wiper strokes and ordered the DVDs. It took me about 5 minutes of viewing to find out that for thirty plus years I really didn’t know how to play. The more lessons I took the more I stayed the same. Great physical abilities allowed me to play well despite my training. I successfully boxed, played minor league baseball,ran track,played football,basketball, bowled, shot pool,ping pong, stick ball, four square,and played all very well. I could never understand how some geek could run me around a tennis court. After close to playing thirty years I still felt subconscious of my strokes. I looked like a hacker and wondered how these kids could play the way they do after a couple years. I am built to a tee like Rafa but had powder puff strokes. In two days against the wall with your course I transformed into an animal. I was going blind and playing better tennis. Guys I played thought I was lying about my eyes. Soon after I had both lenses replaced to restore my site to 20/20. I started teaching your methods because so many of the players I hit against just couldn’t keep the ball in. I have transformed many of these players into great hitting partners. NJ 11-30-09

Oscar is great. I am being taught by a teacher certified in the Wegner method, and within an hour in my very first lesson I was doing things with my racquet that I had never would have thought possible.

Oscar also cares about his students: I had a question pertaining to my game, emailed him, and got an answer back.  Talk Tennis 10-20-09

I’ve been playing for over 30 years, have taught and coached, and am a solid 5.0- 5.5 player. Am recently coming back from a bad injury last year and decided to re-examine my approach to the game and technique. After some research, I spoke with Oscar and bought his DVDs and book. He’s quite a gentleman. As for the techniques (“Learn to play like the pros”) I can’t express my gratitude for his elegant, simple and effective instruction (and no, I’m not paid by him and this is unsolicited). Like many “old school” players I was taught to take long, smooth strokes, to prepare early and to hit “through” the ball after turning etc… and using skip steps. Reading the books, watching the DVDs and actually using the techniques changed and raised my level quite quickly. No stress or strain on the body, more effortless spin and action on the ball, more power and more consistency on all shots. I can’t recommend this man and his system highly enough. Do yourself a favor and check out his site. You may need to re-examine your whole way of playing and thinking about the game, which may be just the ticket!

Harry Z, Talk Tennis 06-03-05