Private Training Sessions As Unique As You

Every person is an individual with unique abilities and needs, and Oscar’s one-on-one coaching is designed to focus on the total player. Oscar simplifies the process, making the player feel comfortable, confident and natural as an athlete.

Addressing how the player performs physically as well as instinctively, Oscar’s private online consultation offers an unparalleled perspective on tennis instruction, maximizing the student’s innate potential.

Oscar’s expertise is unrivaled in the tennis industry, cultivating the player’s mastery of technique together with the ability to focus and gain a deeper understanding of how the athlete/person operates in tennis and in life.

Oscar will analyze videos you submit to improve your game. You will realize fast and lasting results regardless of your age and ability level in tennis.

Coaches are also invited to partake in private sessions with a selected student, or to hone instructional skills.

1-hour session      $50 (payable via PayPal or Zelle)

To initiate your private online session(s) follow these 2 easy steps:

  1. Register on MTM-U here. Simply click on this link to fill in the registration form items and submit.
  2. Once you have registered on MTM-U e-mail Oscar at [email protected] to initiate your consultation. Be sure to state your areas of desired improvement.

Your consultation will include recommendations for practice drills to reinforce your continued progress. In just a few hours of practice you will be on your way to a greater understanding and appreciation of every aspect of your game.

Oscar may recommend that you supplement your private sessions with study via the MTM-U courses also available online.

To play your best, learn from the best!